Enjoy a wasp-free summer season


The summer season is all about having fun with your family and making the most of the outdoors while you still can. You take your family on trips to the beach, weekends up north, or just make the most of your backyard in the city, whether it’s with a pool, a barbecue, or dinner al fresco. Whatever you’re doing outside, you want to be able to do it without constantly worrying about your kids, pets, or yourself. A wasp nest in your backyard, around the eaves of your home, or in the tree branches can quickly change all that and ruin cherished time spent in your backyard.

Wasps aren’t just annoying, the way flies might be, they make some people seriously afraid, and with good reason. Wasp stings are painful, and if you or your child has been stung by a wasp, you should get the First Aid kit out. Unlike with a bee sting, there is no stinger to remove, as wasps don’t lose them and can sting multiple times. The first thing you should do to treat the sting is to wash the area with cold water, then apply an ice pack to lessen the swelling, and give an aspirin.

Wasps evolved their venom for two reasons:

1). Paralyzing prey for transport back to the hive

2). Causing enough pain to cause larger aggressors to leave them alone

They’ve gotten very good at the latter, which is why wasp nest removal in Toronto can be your best friend when wasps come to visit.

Before you call the wasp nest removal experts, pest control company Power Pest Control recommends checking for the location of the wasp. They can form a nest in the ground, typically near a tree stump, or they may make their home in the eaves of your home or in tree branches. You may also have multiple nests in and around your home, which is why Power Pest Control offers a complimentary search of your property to make sure they’ve located all of the culprits.

wasp nest

To be safe, the best thing to do is to let a wasp nest Toronto removal company handle the nest. They will have the professionals and the experts that will know exactly how to take out the bugs and remove the nest. All pest control professionals in the province of Ontario need to be educated and licensed by the Ministry of Environment. Anytime you hire wasp nest removal experts, they should be able to show you their license.

Your backyard should be your sanctuary, but wasps can make you feel unsafe. When a wasp problem arises, it’s time to call the pest control professionals in Toronto. Find the nest, get a free quote online, and you can even get the nest removed by the afternoon if you call in the morning. There is no need to battle and hassle with the nuisance of wasps or live in fear for your family. When wasps arrive, call the professionals who know what to do.