Which indoor plants should you choose?

house plant

Plants give us oxygen to breathe and this is reason enough to plant plenty of trees in our surroundings. All our health issues are linked with a proper level of oxygen. You must have noticed that with growing pollution, the rate of health hazards are also on the increase and this is linked with a low level of oxygen or rather purified air that we intake. So, to curb all such problems, you can buy some indoor plants online and make your home an abode. Here are some of the plants that you can place in your home to enhance the beauty.

Palm Trees: There are much air pollutants like formaldehyde emitted by our household objects and palm trees help in curbing them. Dwarf Date palm would be most suitable for keeping inside the house and it requires a cool climate to sustain. Bamboo Palm, Lady Palm, Areca Palm, or Parlor Palm are other types of Palm Trees that you can bring home or send to your loved ones and maintain a healthy and clean home environment.

palm tree

Boston Fern: Benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde are removed from your home air by this amazing plant. Apart from removing the toxins, it looks lovely. The moderately bushy ferns give an unusual beauty to your room. Put it in the corners of your room and paint your walls white or bright yellow to make this indoor plant all the more visible to the eyes. Just water them daily and see the ferns grow.

boston fern

Rubber Plants and Janet Craigs: Apart from home, you also must try to rejuvenate your office space by placing lovely plants and rubber plant or janet craig is one of such plants. Office means loads of work pressure, tension, stress, anxiety, and thus a clean air is what you need here to remain calm. Place a rubber plant or janet craig and stay cool in your workplace. If the office furniture is made up of particle board held by formaldehyde glues, this plants would remove the toxins. Very little sun is required for the growth and thus these would be the best indoor plants to have a healthy air around you.

rubber plant

English Ivy: If you grow English Ivy outside your home it can be dangerous for the exterior look of the home as it may tear off the gutters. But when you place it inside, it becomes a lovely air pollutant remover giving you fresh and healthy air to breathe. This plant can climb up any structures and this trait adds a lot of natural beauty to your home décor. Both sunshine and shade is important for the growth of this plant and thus keeping it inside would be safe. Occasional watering in summer season and misting in winter season would keep it well.

english ivy

Peace Lily: Who doesn’t love a flower that can boost up the spirit? Bring in a pot of peace lily and grow in your home. Apart from providing a layer of peace and beauty, this plant is also capable of removing formaldehyde, benzene, and certain VOC’s coming out of cleaning products. Low light is okay for its growth and that makes it a great indoor plant. The high transpiration rate of this plant would make your home temperature a humid one.

peace lily