Five Most Common Signs That You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning unit will run smoothly for eight years or more with regular care and maintenance. However, when your unit requires repairs more frequently, it may be high time to install a new air conditioning system. Apart from frequent repairs, listed below are other signs that should prompt you to consider buying a new air conditioning unit.

1. Your air conditioning unit is more than eight years old

An air conditioning unit can last for more than eight years when regularly cleaned and maintained. If you are a renter and unsure about the age of your air conditioning system, a professional maintenance check is in proper order. A skilled technician can determine the approximate age of your unit.

If your air conditioning system has been operating for more than eight years, it is best to consider a replacement seriously. If you live in Cobham and would like to learn more about your air conditioning unit’s cost and benefit analysis and ideal replacements, check out online resources like

2. Lack of cool air and restricted airflow

Lack of cool air and restricted airflow are the two most common signs that your air conditioning unit suffers from costly issues. When you turn your unit, and the cool air doesn’t come out within a few minutes, this can mean that your air conditioning system is not performing at its best. Clogged piping is one of the most common causes of insufficient cool air inside your home.

3. Unusual sounds

If your air conditioning unit is noisier than usual, there is a good chance that one or two of its working parts are suffering from issues. Strange noises such as squeaking, grinding, or chattering are never normal and should be taken as a sign of ageing. An air conditioning system in excellent condition should operate at a barely noticeable noise level. It’s time to upgrade if your unit is starting to draw attention to itself.

4. Unpleasant odour

Unusual smells are another sign that your air conditioning system is not working optimally. Your air conditioning unit should be producing clean and neutral-smelling air. For instance, a smoky or burnt smell indicates serious problems within your air conditioning unit. It is also imperative to seek professional checks to prevent injuries and accidents.

5. Low energy efficiency

If you notice that your energy bill has been unusually high in the last few months, the culprit might be your inefficient air conditioning system at home. Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) ratings essentially measure the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems. By rule, the higher the SEER rating, the less energy a unit produces to cool interior spaces. The average SEER rating for most standard air conditioners is 13 SEER. For older models, the SEER rating is six or less. When looking for a new air conditioning system for your home, choose among models with an ENERGY STAR rating. It guarantees money savings with the advantage of being environmentally friendly.

Buying an air conditioning system for your home shouldn’t be tedious and time-consuming. Pick a reputable air conditioning distributor to get the most value for your investment.