Furnishing a new apartment: Where do you begin?

new apartment

After buying a new place to live in, almost every one of us begins living on a tight budget for the following years. However, that does not mean that you get an excuse not to furnish your new abode. When on a budget, you can always turn on e-commerce sites and flea markets to help you out. Apartments can never become a home without the little personalizing touches.

Whether you add a vintage ottoman or a pop-art inspired storage stool, it is the small touches that add life to a room. However, we often make mistakes in choosing which pieces to buy first while furnishing. Finding order in the chaos will not only make moving a lot more convenient for us, but it will also save us time, energy and money.

Most apartments do not come with furnishing unless you are looking at a range of luxury apartments – such as, OK Norman apartments which come with furnishings including beds, mirrors, finished kitchens and kitchenettes, furnished bathrooms, and walk-in closets. So, if you are looking at the conventional apartments and houses that require self-furnishing, you should follow this order –

1. Buy a bed

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. That alone tells us how important our bed is. Invest in a sturdy platform bed that can accommodate drawers and storage boxes underneath. When it comes to mattresses, think about getting a memory foam one that provides the utmost comfort.

2. Couch

Your guests might not require a table to put their purses on, but they definitely need a couch. Add something funky or go with sectionals to save space. Making your couch, the statement furniture is a great idea that will bring the focus to the center of the room and add some personality too.

3. Coffee table

If you have a shortage of space, get a coffee table that accommodates sitting stools or unfurls into a full-sized dining table. These new space-saving ideas are completely splurge-worthy when you have a new apartment to decorate.

4. Storage solutions

Modern storage solutions are akin to rocket science. Whether you need to store items in your kitchen or bathroom, the water-resistant PVC storage cabinets can help you out. They can take a considerable weight, and they come in several colors, sizes, and finishes for every room.

5. Lighting fixtures

Lamps might not be an integral part of home furnishing, but they can transform your average home into a luxury living space within minutes. If you are tired of the barren, ill-lit rooms, invest in simple, straight, 100% cotton or jute lampshades for your larger rooms. Get a part of matching but minimal lampshade for your bedside to add accent to your rooms.

6. Curtains and blinds

Blinds are too much trouble if you have pets. Curtains are pet and child-safe, and they are much cheaper than blinds as well. You can order blinds or curtains online, or you can DIY them from old bed sheets, bed covers, and dresses.

Furnishing a new home is both exciting and taxing. You should follow the order of furnishing we have mentioned above to save the most and make the best of the new changes.