Get essential garden supplies and go stress-free this holiday season


If you are planning to travel this Christmas, make sure your garden isn’t neglected — find out how with our latest guide from one of our expert guest authors.

Christmas is just around the corner and you might be planning to take a trip somewhere. You might be willing to go to an exotic beach or to a different country you have never been to. Alternatively, you may have all the intentions to stay home and feed on entertainment and luxuriate on your own. But have you ever thought all these plans may leave your front garden in bad shape?

Going somewhere or celebrating with your friends and family for a few days means your garden will be neglected and its beauty will not get essential garden supplies and treatment needed to keep it intact. You don’t have time to provide good care and attention to your green friend that also needs some food and treat. So how will you keep your garden lush, alive and rejuvenated while you are indulging in jolly delectable drinks, fascinating food and Christmas-crazy people?

This is why we have dedicated the following handy tips that will help you keep your garden flourishing and rich this festive season. Here are all the gist:

Stop delaying it and eliminate the weed growth

Weeds give you hard time because you will need to contort your body in every way possible in order to get rid of them. Kneel, bend and squat to fight your way with annoying growth of unwanted weeds. We hate to see how weeds arrive unannounced and unwelcome and slowly kill the aesthetics of entire garden. If you have grown vegetable plants, this will become an irritating trouble. So there will be unfair competition between weeds and your favorite plants in order to get all the moisture from the soil and essential nutrients. This is why you can plan to feed your plants and eliminate weeds before you leave your place for holiday vacation. Shop for supplies at

Don’t starve your plants

You are drooling over salivating turkey fore festive dinner, and on the other hand your plants don’t receive your love and food they need to stay alive and rejuvenated. You need to fertilize your plants with an effective, harmless seaweed solution. This is one of important garden supplies. This will deter the malicious intrusion of weeds and in turn your plants will receive health and proper deep nourishment from root to rip while you are away enjoying your time.

Garden maintenance

Your garden is your green investment, mulch it up

Mulch does two jobs on your garden: it protects your garden from fading and dying too quickly in hot summer days. Plus, it also makes your garden look more beautiful and attractive. With mulch, the green of the garden can absorb more water and moisture from the surroundings. Barks, leaves and compost from mulch prevents weeds from sprouting and growing from within the soil. So before you head out for holidays, think of securing your garden with this garden supplies.

Irrigation works well

Irrigation system is best harnessed in agricultural gardening. You can also think of this solution in order to supply water to your garden with a timer control. Irrigation supplies are generously available and not so costly. All you need is just one hose connected to one tap with dripper lines that can create effective irrigation under the mulch.

Discourage the pests

Vegetable plants and fruit trees need more security than water and mulch. Pests like bugs, cats, possums and critters are fond of plants and can destroy your garden beyond your imagination. So while you are away on a vacation, just make sure you cover the crop and shield it. You can spread a net and use star pickets to protect your garden against these foreign intruders.