Home improvements you can do for under $20K

home improvements

Autumn is quickly fading and we will soon be preparing for holiday guests. As we look around our home, we remember all the things we intended to remodel before the holiday season came, but time slipped away and they are not done.

It is not too late. By beginning now, you can have the home you are dreaming of in time to wow your family and friends. You can do this with the help of a good contractor and a modest budget.

Do not let the big picture overwhelm you. The smart homeowner takes on remodeling and home improvements in smaller sections to make it easier to cope with (check this out if you are looking for more financial advice on how to best manage your home investments). There are many meaningful improvements you can do to your property quickly and for less than $20,000.00.

Start with the bath

This is the most important place. Almost everyone will visit your bathroom when you have guests. It makes a grand statement on who you are as a homeowner. When remodeling always keep 2 things in mind, functionality, and quality;

Every room has a focal point. When you enter a bathroom the focal point is the sink. A beautiful contemporary bathroom sink will draw the eye. To begin your home facelift, start with a modern sink and a new vanity. A vessel sink with stainless steel faucets is a great start.

home improvements

If you want to make a huge impact consider changing your sink, faucets, and adding a 100% enclosed shower. These are beautiful. They come in a wide range of styles and when you add the right tiles (think granite) and a built in bench, you have a unique item that will outlive any member of the family.

For great floors, look for tile flooring that looks like wood. Contrast your wood color and your wall tile.


Black and white, or stainless steel are the colors you will see the most of. The style is to use every inch of the kitchen. Give your kitchen or bath a “facelift” on a budget. There are many ways to enhance the look and function of these two rooms. Paint, wallpaper, flooring, and cabinetry are all important. But when you are operating on a budget, opt for a focal point that will draw the eye of anyone entering the room. Begin with a beautiful designer sink or vessel.

When it comes to your kitchen, open spaces are the trend. Shelves and glass doors or open cupboards are the way to go. More people are going toward stainless steel on everything (backsplashes, appliances, and faucets or colored appliances. Those going with traditional white are looking for antique white.

Other improvements

If your kitchen and bath are not areas that need addressing, here are some other ideas for fun changes that can usually be done for less than $20K include:

  • Turn a porch into a sunroom
  • Add an enclosed hot tub or spa
  • Install an eco-friendly “Cool Roof”
  • Turn a storage shed into a backyard pub
  • Upgrade carpet
  • Replace windows with more efficient and current models
  • Upgrade HVAC system


You will find that making these changes will give you a huge boost in the job ahead, and with every step, you are adding to the value of the property.

You can have a home that is comfortable and more economical to live in.