Key reasons why you should have plants around your home

house with plants

Humans have been gardening for centuries. In fact, the first few civilizations throughout human history started gardening as an essential foundation for their survival. Unfortunately, with so many trying to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of modern society, a lot of people very rarely place gardening high enough in their list of priorities whenever owning and maintaining a home. Some homes don’t even have a single plant at all, thus making them look and feel empty. If you are an owner of such a home, you might want to look into growing at least a few plants around it.

Benefits of Having Plants around Your Home

Getting into gardening will most definitely require patience and dedication on your part, but these benefits of having plants around your home should remind you that digging through all that dirt, planting that first seed, and watching it grow is all worth the effort in the end.

1. Having plants around your home is good for your health.

Any discussion about health and wellness isn’t complete without extolling the virtues of growing plants.

  • Something as simple as looking at all the plants you’ve successfully grown helps reduce eye fatigue. Green is good for the eyes indeed!
  • Some plants have medicinal properties that you can use as an alternative for treating various ailments.
  • Various types of houseplants are known to remove from the air that you breathe some poisonous gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.


2. Having plants around your home sparks creativity and improves focus.

If your home also functions as your office, growing plants indoors helps you regain your focus and even boosts your creativity.

  • Adding plants to your home helps reduce stress and anxiety levels since the color green as seen in nature is said to have a mood-enhancing effect.
  • People are said to perform better in the presence of household plants.
  • A home filled with just the right number of plants is also one good reason to get motivated to do all the tasks you need to do for the day.


3. Having plants around your home helps maintain humidity levels.

If the air in your home often gets dry and stale during cold weather, adding plants can replenish indoor moisture.

  • Most houseplants thrive in humid conditions by taking in water through their roots and releasing moisture through a process known as transpiration.
  • Growing plants indoors is a more natural way of increasing humidity compared to running a humidifier.


4. Having plants around your home is a more visually appealing method of noise reduction.

A lesser-known benefit of growing plants around your home is that it reduces unwanted noise.

  • Plants with thick, fleshy leaves are particularly useful in absorbing sound because of their dynamic surface area.
  • Sound deflection is also possible, thanks to the substantial flexibility of plants.
  • Growing plants that cover entire surfaces such as walls help to lessen echoing through refraction.

house with plants

5. Having plants around your home makes it look more vibrant and lively.

The visual aesthetics of your home can improve by placing a few plants here and there.

  • Interior designers often place plants near brick walls or sharp corners for a softer look.
  • Various plants can be arranged and scaled according to size for a more visually appealing home.
  • Plants are living creatures just like you, so growing them around your home means bringing more life to a place that would otherwise look flat.


6. Having plants around your home provides food.

You can save money on food by plotting even just a small vegetable or fruit garden around your home.

  • If you’re new to planting vegetables, you can start with easy to grow ones such as salad leaves and potatoes.
  • A couple of fruits you can start growing if you’re looking to start a fruit garden are strawberries and figs.

Whether you’re gardening as a hobby or full-time, there’s no denying that growing plants around your home has its benefits that are sure to help you and your family in the long run. While there are countless other ways to spruce up your home, only through gardening could you realize just how essential plants are that all households should have at least a few of them. We hope you enjoy this article from Radonova.


Jacob Douglas


Jacob used to be a gas fitter before he started to become fascinated about Radon gas. Today he works with Radonova writing about the effects that Radon gas has on families and homes. When he’s not bringing awareness to Radon he’s spending quality time with family.