Why You Should Use Native Plants In Your Garden

native plants

Having a back garden is something we should never take for granted – not everyone is fortunate enough to have one or like caring for one, so when we have the chance, we should take advantage of it by carrying out some beautiful landscaping. Landscaping does not have to be time-consuming or expensive, and many

Growing tulips indoors


We can only dream of spring colours when the weather is cold and fierce. Luckily there’s a way to bring a little bit of spring indoors. Growing tulips indoors is something lots of gardeners have try over a couple of years. And we have good news for you. Growing tulips in pots is easier than

What flowers bloom all year?


The followers bloom all the year called Annual flowers. The annual flowers are actually grow and bloom for the whole year. You can say these flowers can live for the whole a year and can die in the start of the next year. These types of flowers gives you the opportunity to try new plants

6 surprising meanings for flowers of the world


It would be fair to say that life as a gardener has become somewhat easier over the last few years. If we were to wind back the clock a couple of decades ago, or even more, finding something “unusual” or uncommon in your yard tended to result in a lot of head scratching. Now, with

The 5 best potted plants to compliment your garden furniture

potted plants

Gardening is the favorite pastime of many homeowners. Whether you have a basic garden with a few flowers, veggies, or fruits, or you have a bigger garden with a pergola or furniture in it, there’s nothing like spending some quality time to yourself in a garden. For homeowners who have bigger gardens with furniture in

How to create a flower garden that attracts butterflies


Loss of habitat, the building of roads and houses, changes in farming and various other factors have engendered a considerable decline in the butterfly population. Fortunately, you can still attract some into your flower garden by creating a suitable environment for them.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is. You can also

Online florists or local florists – Which is better?


Sending flowers to another person is amongst the best ways of expressing your thoughts. Flowers are despatched on several events like birthdays or anniversaries and also without any particular occasion. When you desire to purchase bouquets and have them sent to your loved ones, you can do so as a result of either an internet

How to move garden plants to your new home

Moving plants to your new home

As greenery is important to nature, your garden can be equally essential to you. You may have a lot of emotions attached to the plants, you plant, nurture and grow them like your kids. While shifting your home, your garden can be the biggest loss to you. Well, how about shifting some of your favourite

Common flowers and plants which are poisonous for cats and dogs


In the long days of summer, we all want to enjoy relaxing in our beautiful gardens or walking through blooming meadows. The colours and smells don’t only serve to attract us, but birds and insects which add to the allure. Consequently, all these attractive sights, sounds and smells are as thrilling for our pet cats

6 easy steps to a beautiful flower garden

flower garden

If you’ve always dreamt of having a stunning flower garden, now is the best time to make it happen. This may be the summer to surround your yard with color and fragrance by planting a majestic flower garden for the ages. A beautiful garden takes time, effort, money and maintenance, so start with a good