The 5 best potted plants to compliment your garden furniture

potted plants

Gardening is the favorite pastime of many homeowners. Whether you have a basic garden with a few flowers, veggies, or fruits, or you have a bigger garden with a pergola or furniture in it, there’s nothing like spending some quality time to yourself in a garden. For homeowners who have bigger gardens with furniture in them, there are more choices to make regarding style combinations and colors.

Not every flower or plant is going to go well with every piece of furniture and vice versa. Getting the combination of plants and furniture right in your garden can often mean the difference between the perfect vibe and an ugly style clash that will leave a bad taste in both yours and guests mouths.

But, how should you know which plants go well with which types and colors of furniture? Unless you studied art in college or have a keen interest in interior design, you’re not likely to make good decisions in this area. Thankfully, we’re going to cover that for you right now.

In order to help you make the most of your garden and complement it with the best possible style match-ups, let’s go over the 5 best potted plants you can pair with furniture in your garden.

These Plants are Ready to Compliment Your Garden Furniture

1. Shasta Daisies


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These beautiful white and yellow flowers are number one on our list, and for good reason. Shasta daisies are perennial flowers that have white flowers three inches wide surrounding a round yellow center. If cared for properly, they will abundantly bloom for you all summer long. These plants can thrive anywhere, including garden borders or containers.

Container Daisies are very easy to take care of and extremely versatile. Because of their white and yellow color, they pair best with hot, clean colors. White, red, and yellow make the best style pairing with Shasta Daisies, but they can also be included in cooler color palettes of flowers and furniture varying from blue to brown, black, and grey.

Caring for Shasta Daisies is simple. They require a ceramic container at least 12 inches deep, plastic or glazed ceramic works best. You should use all-purpose potting soil and keep them in full sun, though they can thrive in partial shade as well. As far as maintenance goes, they just need to be kept pruned and moist. Water whenever you think the topsoil is starting to dry out and remove fading flowers to create room for new growth.

2. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is an annual, showy flower with large tropical petals. They can easily thrive in containers and make the perfect colorful, energetic addition to a garden with furniture of any type.  The flower produces 5 large, orange-yellow petals with a red-purple center and a yellow stem protruding from the middle. Hibiscus flowers need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, requiring shade only on exceptionally hot days. They like a cozy fitting container and should be slightly root-bound. Make sure they drain well and water them lots during the blooming stage.

3. Sedum

Another great option for pairing with garden furniture is the Sedum flower. These flowers are low-growing and come in an assortment of different colors. Sedums are perennial plants that feature fleshy stems, succulent, thick leaves, and a star-shaped cluster of flowers. They bloom near the end of summer and into early spring, producing yellow, red, white, or rose-colored flowers that will attract butterflies. When Sedums aren’t in bloom, they can be maroon, red, chartreuse, or bright green. Sedums require little water, so water them only when they seem like they are drying out.

4. Lantana

Lantana comes in many varieties but the perennial, low growing variety is best for potting. Their flowers can range from bright yellow to orange and red.  They are easy to grow and require at least an inch of water per week. Slightly acidic soil is best for them and they need full sun. Their strong, pleasant smell and bright colors make the perfect addition to any garden with furniture.

5. Yellow Sunflowers

This is one of the most popular flower options for gardens with furniture. Recognizable by most for their giant, yellow flowers and thick brown centers, sunflowers can brighten up even the darkest of areas. They are resistant to heat and pests and require a container at least 2 feet tall. They need nutrient-rich soil with organic matter and deep, infrequent watering.

Potted Plants Make the Perfect Complement to Your Garden Furniture

If you have a garden with furniture that you want to spice up a bit, consider adding some popular potted plants to the mix. Any of the options discussed in this article would make a perfect addition to your garden and combining them together could help you create a backyard wonderland with great energy.