Growing tulips indoors


We can only dream of spring colours when the weather is cold and fierce. Luckily there’s a way to bring a little bit of spring indoors. Growing tulips indoors is something lots of gardeners have try over a couple of years. And we have good news for you. Growing tulips in pots is easier than you think. It’s definitely possible, but it will take a little bit of your time and effort. When you keep the following tips in mind, it will definitely become a great success. How to force tulip bulbs? Keep reading to learn more!

How to begin?

First of all you need to pick the right tulips to keep indoors. Not all tulips are sold this way. So you most likely will need to prepare them. The best time to do this is in the early fall. That’s also the right moment to put tulip bulbs outside. When spring bulbs are sold, you can purchase some for forcing.

Once you bought the tulip bulbs, it’s necessary to place them in a cool environment. Make sure the bulbs are kept away from sunlight and chilled for at least 12 to 16 weeks. The temperature can’t  be higher than 2 – 7 degrees Celsius or 35 – 45 Fahrenheit.

Most people chill their tulip bulbs in the refrigerator. Make sure the temperature inside is not too high or too low. You can also put them in an unheated garage. When they’ve chilled enough, you are ready to start them growing indoors.

Choose the right container

Before growing tulip bulbs inside, it’s important to choose the right container. Good drainage is very important. Without the right amount of drainage, you will never be able to grow your tulips indoors. The next step is to fill your container with soil. 3 to 4 (7,5 – 10 cm) inches is enough. To force tulip bulbs into growing indoors it’s necessary to put them just on top of the soil. The tulip bulbs must still show above the soil. When you’ve completed the steps you can place the spots in a cool, dark place. They don’t need a lot of attention during the forcing process. Just watering lightly once a week is enough to force them to grow inside.

Leaves in sight!

Keep checking on your tulips bulbs for at least once a week. When leaves are forming, it’s time to bring the bulbs out of their dark and cold environment and put them in a location where they will get indirect sunlight. After they have been brought into the light, they will bloom in two or three weeks. The forcing process has been completed.

After the tulips are forced to grow indoors, they won’t need much more attention than every other common houseplant. Water the tulips regularly when the soil is dry to touch and make sure they will get enough indirect daylight. By forcing tulips in your home, you’ll always enjoy a little bit of spring. Even when the weather is cold.