Home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches

cockroach remedies

All natural processes are usually slow, and so is the case with cockroaches. With chemicals and powerful pesticides you will see instant results. Then again, these are harmful chemicals and you don’t want to get your family members involved with this toxic mess. So, if natural remedies are the way to go then let us dig into how to do it.

1. A lot of cleaning: You need to make sure that your house is spic and span as because the cockroaches are heavily attracted to residual food. Grease present on the edges of the kitchen are their favorite. So make sure you wipe down the counters and panels each night and never leave dirty dishes in the sink. The stovetop should be cleaned daily and the floors should also be swept before bed. Initially, this may seem like a lot to do but with time you will find that a fifteen minute clean up goes a long way in saving you and your family from cockroaches.

2. Seal up the holes and cracks: This means that inside your pantry, in the baseboards, between the wall and the countertop, the roaches move around freely without you even noticing them. They can crawl through the smallest of spaces and therefore it is important to seal all such entries. This will surely take time but it will totally be worth the effort. This job can be done using a caulk or a caulking gun as well.

3. Repair water leaks: Roaches love moisture and that is why they can be often seen moving by the kitchen or bathroom pipes. They can survive for months without food if they are having sufficient water. But they cannot survive for long without water. So, close all the water sources, repair even the littlest of leaks.

4. Your own cockroach bait: One part of sugar with three parts of boric acid acts as the best roach bait as the sugar lures out the cockroaches and the boric acids ensures they are dead in no time. Boric acid isn’t toxic but can be irritating so its better to keep it away from the counters. Sprinkle this mixture in key areas where cockroaches move a lot like near the stove, by the dishwashers, behind the refrigerator, in the cracks or by the edges of the cabinets.

5. Call the experts: In case you have a big infestation in your house and don’t want to use chemicals then call up a natural pest control company. It is wise to do so because they use this substance called diatomaceous earth which is a sedimentary rock that can be easily powdered and as this substance is also used in some medicines and skin care products so you won’t have to worry about any harmful effects.

6. Keep the space cool: The American cockroaches spread wings and fly when the temperatures are at its peak, because with more heat they can use more of their muscles. Now you cannot control the weather so its best to keep the house as cool as possible and that will go a long way in keeping cockroaches away.

7. Kill when seen: If you happen to spot a cockroach in your house, instead of spraying any insecticide or soap solution, just step on it any kill it. Obviously, the soap solution will work as because they breathe through their skin. But stepping on it takes away the mercy. And one need not be merciful with cockroaches as they spread a whole lot of diseases.

All in all, the home remedies are time consuming but totally worth it as these measures goes a long way in keeping your place free of cockroaches that too without the use of any harmful chemicals that can affect the health of your loved ones.