How do gardens affect property value?

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A lot of properties these days don’t have gardens. With this in mind, it seems to make sense that a garden would add value to a property. Of course, this is only taking into account the fact that most people are getting apartments instead of houses these days. Most houses will have gardens, so it’s not all that likely that someone who is looking to buy a house will be surprised and ecstatic that the place has a garden. They’re certainly unlikely to buy the property just on the grounds that it even has a garden.

This may lead people to underestimate the importance of a garden when it comes to the overall value of a property. When we think about things that will affect our property value, we tend to think about the structure of the house, or the amenities in the vicinity, or the quality of the plumbing. But some estimate that your garden may influence a good 20% of the value of a property. That’s a pretty impressive chunk.

So it’s pretty essential that you take good care of your yard; if it’s showing signs of being untamed and unloved, then your property value could take a very unpleasant dive. Let’s take a quick look at the things you need to consider when you’re assessing your garden’s relation to your home’s value.


The lawn

One could make the argument that the lawn being a little untidy might not affect property value all that much. If all it needs is a good mowing, then that probably will be the case. (Although you really should have mowed your lawn before people came to view the place.) But a lot of gardens may have pretty unhealthy grass, or perhaps not enough of the stuff. You may want to check out Evergreen’s artificial grass guide if this is the case for you. While you’d probably have to tell prospective buyers that the lawn is artificial, this really won’t matter to most people as long as it looks and feels good.

Potential and simplicity

The simpler your garden, the better. People like to see potential in a garden. They like it to look spacious; in fact, most like a garden that’s pretty bare. As long as there’s a lawn, don’t worry too much about a lack of features! You don’t need to throw in swimming pools or water features or elaborate flowerbeds. Many assume incorrectly that these things can add value. On the contrary; they can turn a lot of people off because the garden immediately screams “high maintenance”! People prefer a low-maintenance garden with which they can do something more if they wish.


If there is a garden feature that can boost property value, it’s a shed. If you have one already, then you should definitely look into giving it a revamp; most sheds are pretty dank and dusty. You should revamp it so that it could potentially be inviting enough for someone to actually want to spend time in – don’t just assume a shed will only be a storage solution! If you don’t have one, then consider getting one built – a shed is actually a pretty simple project!


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