How to keep your windows clean

cleaning windows

Have you found that the beautiful and serene view of the world outside your home is marred by foggy, streaky or dirty windows? Well, luckily there are easy ways to clean windows and keep them shinning.

Fortunately, cleaning windows is a process that only needs to happen once in a while. Experts in the domestic cleaning industry suggest three times a year is sufficient.


Outside windows are constantly exposed to varying weather conditions, like rain and wind, as well as birds, substances from plants and trees and the general accumulation of dirt and grime. The first step to crystal clear windows is removing the loose dirt and build-up, using water or a hose pipe (with lower pressure).

Next, you will want to remove stubborn stains. Using a mineral deposit cleaner should do the trick and can be found in hardware stores or any retailer that suppliers domestic cleaning products.

A cheaper and simpler alternative to chemical cleaners is vinegar. Apply the vinegar directly to the stain and let settle for about five minutes.  Then, simply wash away with water.

Sticky residue is also removed easily with vinegar.

Indoor windows are unlikely to require rinsing, but you should make sure to remove anything around the window or in the frame that may be damaged by cleaning solutions or water. Covering wooden floors beforehand may also be helpful.

Cleaning the windows

Mix another solution of water and vinegar, in an equal ratio, or your preferred cleaning product. Dish soap works just as well and will leave your windows sparkling. If you like, add an essential oil to the mix, such as lemon, which not only makes it stronger, but also adds a pleasant smell.

Simply wash the windows with a sponge. Next, you’ll want to rinse the windows with clean water to ensure no streaks or smudges are left behind.

A sponge works better for smaller windows or windows divided by frames, while squeegees work well for larger windows, particularly if it has an extender for hard to reach areas.

Drying windows

Drying glass windows often leaves smudges or streaks. If you don’t have the rubber blade on a squeegee, using newspaper works just as well, if not better. Dry the window with a cloth, then crunch up newspaper and buff the glass.  If using a squeegee, wipe the blade every now and then.

Finishing touches

Wipe the corners and window frames with a dry cloth to remove excess water.  If there are narrow areas around the frame in which dirt and dust get trapped, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt, as this will help keep the glass clean. Alternatively, a toothbrush can reach those tricky places.

Wiping the inside glass vertically and the outside glass horizontally can help you determine on which side of the glass those stubborn smudges are.

Having screens on your window traps dirt, dust and moisture, which means your windows get dirtier quicker. Removing screens may help keep the glass clean longer and makes the windows easier to clean.

Polishing the frames also adds a nice finishing touch, leaving your windows looking brand new.

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