How regular house washing saves you money in the long run

house cleaning

Your homes exterior is exposed to the elements day in day out, but often it is forgotten in the scheme of household maintenance. But regular house washing is a vital part of preventative maintenance on your home. Not only does house washing make your house look beautiful it also improves your home’s value and prolongs the life of the paint job. But house washing is a strenuous and tiring task, often better left to a team of professionals such as Endeavour Property Services who offer House Washing in Hamilton. As professionals can carry out the process efficiently without causing any damage to the paintwork and your homes cladding. Annual professional house washing is an investment that saves you money in the long run.

Save Money on Repairs

Regular house washing gives you a chance to survey the condition of your homes exterior and spot potential areas needing repair. This helps you to be on top of any things needing repairs before they cause you any issues. As over time a build-up of dirt and grime causes damage to your homes exterior, as the dirt can penetrate into your homes cladding. As your home is exposed to the rain wind and sun over time the surface oxidises, leaving your house vulnerable to all sorts of problems. Luckily enough a house wash is an easy and affordable job and can be completed quickly.

Improves Street Appeal

Your homes exterior is what is seen by neighbours and people passing by, so it is important to maintain a well presented home. As people will make first impressions about you as a person based on how you take care of your homes exterior. Professional exterior cleaning team can clean your homes entire exterior. Exterior cleaning services such as house washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing ensure your house looks at its best all year round. Although you can do these services yourself, it is a lot safer and more efficient to hire the professionals.

Extends Life of Paintwork & Cladding

Depending on where your home is located it may be subjected to strong UV rays, sea salt, traffic fumes or even acid rain. If left for extended periods of time they can penetrate your paint job and start eating away at your homes exterior, causing discolouration, damage and more. The best way to protect your homes paintwork and cladding from these elements is to get it regularly washed. This ensures that your most valuable investment your home, is protected and lasts as long as possible, which saves you money on replacing cladding and repainting due.

Removes Pollutants

Your homes exterior is subject to a lot of pollutants from bird excrement to pollen and mould. Not only are these pollutants unsightly but they are also harmful to your family. If you let these pollutants build up too long then the exposure to mildew, mold, dirt, and algae can affect your family’s health. Especially if you have family members with asthma and allergies. The longer it sits there, the more potentially damaging it is for your family. This is why it is worthwhile investing in an annual house wash, to protect both your paintwork and the health of your family.

House washing has many benefits to your home, although it may cost you money it will save on repairs and repainting in the long run. The frequency of house washing really depends on environmental factors such as climate, weather and amount of pollutants. But we generally recommend getting your house washed at least annually to remove built up organic matter, mildew, mould and pollutants. This ensures your home looks at its best which is important as it helps maintain the resale value of your home. The money spent on annual house washing is worthwhile and is protects your home and your family from additional repairs and medical bills.