How to choose automatic espresso machine

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Automatic espresso machine is a kitchen machine that will make your morning vigorous. Such a device was previously often found exclusively in offices, cafes and bars. Now coffee machines have become more affordable, and modern manufacturers produce various models and variations of the device. Automatic coffee machines are considered one of the most popular and practical. This appliance in the kitchen will simplify the process of making your favorite espresso, perhaps, thanks to the additional functions, you can enjoy a delicate latte or cappuccino at home. We will talk about the features of choosing a coffee machine later in the article, consider the key criteria for selecting the optimal models, and focus on the rating of the best in this segment.

How the automatic espresso machine works

Before proceeding to consider the best automatic coffee machines, let’s dwell on the principles of the device. The key principle of operation is that water passes through the ground coffee. In the carob-type machines, coffee is poured into a special container, through which steam, obtained by boiling water, passes under a pressure of about 9 bar. The result is an espresso. The pod or capsule types do not bring the liquid to a boil, but push water through the coffee powder at a pressure of 15 bar.

The most difficult process of work has a universal machine. The appliance grinds coffee beans, then the appliance automatically tampes the coffee into a special filter. At this moment, the water heats up to the desired degree for the drink, the second part of the water forms steam. The water mixture under the pressure created by the pumps passes through the powder and flows directly into the cup. The final stage of work with any machine, including those with an automatic principle of operation, is the delivery of finished coffee.

To control all the processes performed by the device, manufacturers equip the device with an electronic microcircuit that connects all the nodes into a common mechanism, thereby controlling the process. Most often used in car models is an electronic panel, touch-sensitive, possibly with certain buttons, keys.

How to choose automatic espresso machine

1. Mobile / built-in. There are models that can be installed in a kitchen set, but this must be foreseen at the kitchen planning stage. Mobile models often take up less space, it can be transported and moved if necessary.

2. The option of self-cleaning and decalcification greatly simplifies operation.

3. The volume of the water tank. How much is needed depends on how much coffee you drink and how many people will drink the drink.

4. It is not worth buying a large container for coffee beans. If they remain in the machine for a long time, the powder will most likely lose its aroma. It is best to buy a model with a double tank, which allows you to add several types of coffee at once.

5. Consider the number of coffee recipes the device prepares. The presence of a cappuccino maker significantly increases the capabilities of the device, but the price is higher.

Additional functions of automatic espresso machine

If you are buying an automatic coffee machine for your home, consider whether you would like to see additional features in it that make use easier.

For example, the display backlight option is optional, but a very nice feature. The auto-off timer is also a nice addition. There is no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the device or leaving the device on. It is convenient when the machine has the option of simultaneous preparation of 2 cups of coffee. This is especially important if there are several coffee lovers in the family, you can avoid morning scandals who are the first to drink an invigorating drink.

Best automatic espresso machines

Now let’s get down to the best automatic coffee machines for home 2020. Please note that models from different manufacturers are presented in this list, which affects the cost and functionality of the kitchen device. Check out the pros and cons of your chosen bidder to make sure as much as possible that the device fits your personal needs and criteria.

Philips Saeco Moltio HD8769 / 11

This automatic espresso machine one of the best choice for home. Most users report that they produce an aromatic, tasty espresso. Also note that you can make good cappuccino froth here. The device has programmable parameters and options, the control is simple. The design is excellent, the car will fit into any interior in the kitchen. The hopper for coffee beans is removable, so there should be no difficulties when cleaning. The manufacturer has also provided for a self-regulation system, due to which any type of coffee beans can be used.

Siemens TE607203RW

The rating of coffee machines for home is difficult to imagine without a product from Siemens. High price, but excellent quality and functionality are provided to you. In this case, you get a device with high safety and securityease of use. A very large reservoir is available for water – 1.7 liters, which allows preparing drinks for a company of more than 5 people.

Delonghi ETAM 29.620.SB

Next, no less attractive automatic coffee machine for the home. In this case, you get the opportunity to prepare a double espresso using the special “DOPPIO +” option. The touch panel simplifies operation, the manufacturer has provided 16 languages for control. If desired, you can set the strength of the coffee. There is also an option to set the water hardness. There is an option for making cappuccino, latte, macchiato. In general, the range of delicious, aromatic drinks will surprise even the most sophisticated coffee lovers.