Top 10 balcony garden decoration ideas that rock your home decor


The significance of having a lovely balcony in a home or work-space is the best way to enjoy closeness with the nature. Despite the size of this space, you can create a lovely balcony garden that soothe your senses and allow you to enjoy some quiet time surrounded with verdant foliage.

More frequently than not, balconies become expansions of the home decor or end up getting cluttered with cartons, garments and old appliances. It is reasonable to redesign the appearance of your terrace without extreme installations by simply decluttering it from waste and combining rare items to conform to its calming ambience. With a terrace that is quiet, tidy and enclosed by the landscape, it is as if you a nature’s retreat in your home.

Why go for garden Decoration ideas on a budget?

Who does not like to relax in a comfortable terrace while gazing at the beautiful sky? Nothing is more satisfying than getting back home on a beautiful vacation night and resting in your gallery with a drink in your hand. If you wish to decorate your garden without breaking the bank, here we bring you some simple suggestions and ideas that are surely going to help you come up with a wonderful space.

1. Get the basics right – identify the dimensions of the balcony

DIY flowerpots and planters

Start by organizing planters and flowerpots already there in the balcony. Move the planters around and organize them such that it looks lovely, gives a tiered look, and doesn’t need any investment to make it look nice. You can paint these flowerpots and add a dash of colour to your balcony. It is well within your budget and will give you a beautiful balcony look. You can use a variety of things as terrace garden decorations like old toys, painted jars, mason jars, and more.

Get an herb garden on a budget

Notwithstanding the area of your balcony, there are lots of plans to help provide it with a wonderful alteration. With slight creativity, you can transform your outside area into an aesthetic and delightful place using the flowerpots and planters. Grow a variety of herbs in your planters and create a cute kitchen garden. You can use seeds available at home like coriander seeds, tomato seeds, thyme, cilantro, and more. These seeds are also available at nurseries at a very cost effective price.

2. Garden Decoration using furniture

Wooden terrace garden decoration

Initially when picking terrace garden decoration, go for items that are tough and resistant to shifting climate and temperatures – as you will desire to maintain the corresponding style and luxury for many years, particularly if you spend sizeable money. You can use old, discarded wood to create picket fence.

If you don’t want to buy wood garden decoration items, use things available at your home. You can use old coasters, tea boxes, and more to create a lovely look.

Teak terrace garden decoration

Teak trees which are towering members of the mint species are one of the strongest plants in the world, and thanks to the lubricant they carry typically they do not simply wear or tear despite the most unrelenting weather situations, offering them just appropriate for backyard or terrace furniture.

Use garden decoration furniture made up of teak which gives you good looks, durability, and a lot of choices. Available at affordable prices, this furniture will impart a cool and interesting look to your balcony garden.

3. Terrace garden decoration using artificial materials

Artificial garden Decoration

The market has a variety of miniature artificial garden decoration options. Available at very low prices, these miniature décor pieces like gnomes, fairies, small well, and more can add a cute look to your balcony garden.

Bamboo or rattan terrace garden decoration

While choosing a piece of garden furniture made of artificial rattan or bamboo, which are elements that can withstand unfavorable climate conditions and are very straightforward to sustain, there are a couple of points you should review: that the substance is of excellent quality and is treated accurately. Moreover, it is available at amazing prices that is well within your budget.

The tables and chairs for dining out

It is essential that the edges of tables and chairs placed in the balcony are well covered and not jabbing out, and that the design is stable, guarded, and smooth. Cost effective artificial rattan and bamboo fittings can be utilized during every season, all the year-round, thanks to their tremendous versatility and stability to stretching. They are similarly simple to wash – simply a little of water and a delicate scrub is all you require. It is surely a value for money option.

Aluminum terrace garden decoration

Garden furniture built from aluminum is sometimes preferred especially because it can withstand a variety of natural elements and does not decay, rust, or get damaged. It is available in amazing choices and great prices. Such objects are extensively favored as they are designed for placing in an herb garden and are simple to sustain. Aluminum furniture sets properly with a lot of furnishing techniques and cannot adjust to any maintenance location. It is quite simple in washing with just a foamy cloth and lo and behold! These are good as new.

4. Terrace garden decoration using greenery

Go for stylish flowerpots and planters

This herb garden decor using the right and minimalistic theme is the core idea element of the designing for a small balcony. Invest in small planters that can help you come up with a lovely herb garden.

Ornament for perfect terrace garden decoration

If you are not the fan of getting too heavy terrace garden decorations, then choosing a chic or a simple one can be the best idea. For instance, fairy lights, colorful lanterns, tealights, etc., are affordable and suitable options to choose from garden decor ideas. As a result, your small initiative appeals instantly with a wider audience base and makes it appear to be a cheerful and positive place to be in.

Ultra-affordable flowerpots and planters

Buy affordable flowerpots and planters that look beautiful and breathtaking. Available in a variety of choices, these are available at different price bands. Choose something that suits your pocket.

Following the above listed balcony Decoration ideas means that you can gain the best of both worlds. Your garden can be the inspiration for many. Your guests will be impressed with your amazing collection of traditional pots and planters.