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Top 10 balcony garden decoration ideas that rock your home decor


The significance of having a lovely balcony in a home or work-space is the best way to enjoy closeness with the nature. Despite the size of this space, you can create a lovely balcony garden that soothe your senses and allow you to enjoy some quiet time surrounded with verdant foliage. More frequently than not,

Growing your own superfoods from an urban garden

urban garden

As many of us remain cooped up at home, it’s no surprise to see a growing number of people cultivating their green thumb. Anyone and everyone from first-time gardeners to budding enthusiasts are turning their attention to their gardens in order to grow their own, and by own, we mean superfoods A term that’s continued

Planting for privacy in urban rooftop gardens

rooftop gardens

A rooftop garden could be the perfect solution if you’re living in the city and are longing for outdoor space. Whether there’s a modest patio or an expansive roof terrace at the top of your building, now is the chance to transform a barren concrete area into a lush oasis high above the hustle and

Tools for supporting urban gardening – A few good tips

urban garden

Gardening has been a favorite pastime for most homeowners regardless of whether they are based in big cities or small townships. All members of the household can free up some space adjacent to your home exterior and turn it into a garden. It’s truly important for you to identify that spot and possess the authority

I want a beautiful urban garden, but how?

urban gardens

That is exactly the most common problem for someone whose own a house in the city. It may be true that urban people do not have a flair for handling living plants but lack of designs; poor soil preparation and the use of unsuitable plant material are mostly responsible for failure of gardens in crowded

Helpful hints for an urban garden

urban garden

A beautiful community garden in an urban area can make the space pop out. Not only can you use beautiful mixes of flowers, but edible items can also be planted in these garden beds. Some areas where you might expect to find an urban garden are along sidewalks, on roof tops, in small patches of

Garden of the week – ACROS, Japan

ACROS Fukuoka

Asian Crossroads Over the Sea (ACROS) was designed to give the city of Fukuoka a much-needed new government building, without destroying one the city’s last remaining green spaces. The result is one of the world’s largest and most impressive green roofs.