How to control & prevent lawn weeds

Lawn weeds

Is your lawn overrun with unwanted weeds? Don’t just mow over them and ignore the problem — this 4 minute video will show you how to deal with lawn weeds and prevent them from reappearing.

A few tips from the video

Remove moss

Weeds usually have trouble competing with healthy grass. If you lawn gets mossy it can weaken the grass and allow weeds to take hold. Moss also contains more moisture, which weeds thrive on. Use a moss killer, rake away the dead moss, and over-sow with a lawnbuilder product if necessary.

Pulling up weeds often doesn’t work

Many weeds will grow deep tap roots in order to find water, meaning that if you pull them up they will leave behind a damaged patch of ground. It’s also difficult to pull up the entire root, so the weed will just grow back. It’s better to use a specialist weed killer that will kill the entire plant and root system, rather than pulling the weed out by hand.

Use a lawn fertiliser

Keeping your grass healthy not only gives you a beautiful looking lawn, it will also make it harder for weeds to grow. Fertiliser should be applied in the spring, summer and autumn, and can also be applied following a period of stress on your lawn — such as a couple of weeks after a dry spell. Follow the instructions carefully, as using too little or too much fertiliser can be detrimental to your lawn. If your grass has a bad moss or weed problem, you can buy fertilisers that also contain herbicides.