How to create stunning patio with porcelain paving

porcelain paving

Porcelain may not be the first material that springs to mind when you think about patios, but it actually makes surprisingly durable paving slabs that are non-porous and virtually maintenance free – not to mention great to look at! Read on to learn more about this amazingly versatile material…

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You’ll all be familiar with porcelain – perhaps your grandmas’ old china teacups? Well, the porcelain we’re talking about couldn’t be further from that old tat (sorry Gran)! This is porcelain-like you’ve never seen it before; stylish and highly durable with a range of distinctive colours. Using these sophisticated porcelain paving slabs you can completely transform your garden space and reclaim your home’s balance!

Recognizing it’s time for change

Some people haven’t upgraded their patio paving slabs since the 70’s and still have concrete patio slabs, just take a look outside and you’ll see, they don’t age well!

Maybe you’ve never noticed your garden patio slabs changing, but it can creep up on you over the years. What was once a glowing garden may be dirty, neglected and full of weeds! Unless you’ve already renovated your garden patio paving slabs with quality paving stones, it’s likely your garden badly needs a facelift.

The sheer variety of styles in porcelain paving makes it extremely unique, what’s more, each style caters to different a look, so you’re sure to find the perfect style for your dream garden!

How about Anthracite porcelain paving in black, with a dark matt finish and alluring subtle bluestone pattern? Or perhaps our Hammerstone Beige will captivate you with its charming sandy aesthetic? and Hammerstone Grey, as well as Hammerstone Nero, These are but four of the many distinct styles in our porcelain paving range – there are almost too many styles choose from!

Like natural stone, but Turbo-charged!

Non-slip, scratch-resistant and extremely strong; Porcelain paving takes the style and feel of natural stone paving and turbo-charges it so that you can enjoy maintenance-free living! Porcelain paving slabs are made from natural materials such as clays and minerals, which enrich it with a charm that artificial paving completely lacks.

As a non-porous material, porcelain paving slab doesn’t soak up water, meaning it’s far more robust and hard-wearing that paving stones; as the years go by, the advantage of this quality will become evident. Balance is generally hard to achieve when it comes to choosing the right materials for your home interior and exterior garden, but Porcelain paving combines the positive qualities of various natural materials, and to top it off, is the most durable flooring material, full-stop. Don’t believe us? Check this out:

“Tests at Consumer Reports found porcelain paving to be the most durable type of flooring, resistant to scratches, dents, and moisture. These 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles are also very easy to clean. Glazed ceramic and porcelain slabs require very little maintenance, though other types need more.”

Why does durability matter?

Have you ever bought beautiful natural stone paving slabs, only to watch its colour slowly fade due to weathering? You’ll be glad to know the style of these porcelain paving slabs will be well preserved. Persistent rain, frost or heat aren’t enough to damage this durable material – British weather may be unpredictable, but one thing you can predict is that the character and charm will last!

We absolutely love our range of natural stone paving slabs, but if you’re looking for something with a similar feel that definitely won’t require extra care to preserve, porcelain paving is made for you.

The perfect choice for Kitchens, Bathrooms and even Living rooms

Waking up to a kitchen with the feeling of vitrified porcelain paving slabs under-foot is simply divine! It’s a foolish thing to think that these tiles belong only in the garden; in fact, one could argue that porcelain tile works even better indoors. Our darker styles of Porcelain impart sophistication and charisma that cannot be rivalled by other flooring materials. In other words, porcelain paving slabs are way out of their league!

The task of interior design can be a total headache…. That’s why we recommend working from the floor up.

The flooring you choose is without a doubt the foundation to your home’s atmosphere – wood and other natural materials are known for their charm, but before long the annoyance of damage and wear creeps in! Naturally, the environment inside a home is no challenge to Porcelain – flooring material that can keep up with your crazy antics (spilt drinks, heavy furniture etc. Not a mark!). If you’re someone with busy family life (kids running around, causing havoc!) then you’ll need a durable flooring material that can withstand the ins and outs of life.

Porcelain tiles also look great in bathrooms; sometimes the awkward and outdated flooring materials people have in their bathrooms leaves us in a state of shock! Like natural stone, Porcelain tiles are the natural choice for bathrooms, not only because it’s water-resistant (hello, bath mats aren’t going to soak up everything!), but also the charm that it can give to a space like this is remarkable.

Crafted with precision, ready to install

Porcelain paving is manufactured with special clays that are kiln-fired to a temperature of 1400 degrees, and then ground and polished to ensure that each tile has sharp, perfect edges. The perfectionist approach taken in manufacturing these slabs means that you’ll have no complications when laying them, indoors or outdoors.

Also, rectified edges and consistent 20mm thickness ensure that every slab meets flawlessly – no awkward raised edges (and no trip hazards!). Nothing has been left to chance. Despite being affordable, our Porcelain paving does not compromise on quality at all.

Get inspired and transform your garden for Spring!

Porcelain paving makes sense as the ideal choice for garden patio – it’s tried and tested by thousands of our customers.

Right now is the perfect time to pursue your garden goals; spring is approaching, so now is the time to bring your garden BACK TO LIFE! We love inspiring homeowners to take control and tackle their messy gardens because we know the effect their transformed green space will have on their family. The garden is the place to play, breathe fresh air and experience nature; all children remember times spent outdoors, and we all love a relaxing drink outdoors on warmer days, so having a garden to be proud of is something that benefits adults and children alike.

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