Things you may not know your garden center carries

garden centre

Whether you love to spend an entire weekend browsing through a nursery, getting inspired to update your landscape, build a retaining wall, or add fun features like an outdoor fireplace or a fountain, a garden center is often filled with landscape elements you didn’t know existed… things that make your landscape even better than you envisioned.

A garden center is often much more than a plant nursery bursting with colorful plants, bags of mulch, and a few gardening implements and decorative rock. Some garden centers are also masonry supply centers where contractors and homeowners purchase paving stones, wall materials, and practically everything that’s needed to create outstanding outdoor living spaces. Here are some awesome things you can find in a garden center.

Outdoor Kitchens

Today’s outdoor kitchens are a cook’s delight. So much more than a simple grill station, many boast a wood-fired pizza oven, granite countertops, tons of storage, a sink, a refrigerator, and even a cooktop. However you love to cook, you know that food tastes better outside, so why not enjoy the convenience of having all of your kitchen “stuff” outdoors where you can all enjoy preparing and sharing meals together! At E.P. Jansen, we have everything you need to build the kitchen of your dreams, from appliances to wall veneers!

Fire Features

Aside from food, nothing brings people together like fire. A welcoming fire feature is an ideal way to extend your entertaining season and we have everything you need for a cozy fire pit or stately outdoor fireplace. Whether you prefer the ambience of a wood fire or the convenience of natural gas, and our masonry experts will help you design a fire feature that’s sure to quickly become the centerpiece of outdoor entertaining.

Landscape Lighting

Well-designed landscaped lighting provides safety, and transforms a landscape into a beautiful nighttime retreat. From architectural uplighting to romantic walkway lighting, our experts will help you bring your landscape to life after dark!

Retaining Walls

Reshape your landscape with a beautiful masonry retaining wall that gives you additional usable space while beautifying the landscape. Our experts guide you in choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective materials for every project.

Pavers and Natural Stone

If you’re tired of a ho-hum landscape, jazz it up with natural stone or manufactured stone (concrete). You won’t be disappointed in how your patio will look, and you definitely won’t be disappointed in how your patio will bring value to your home! And you don’t have to stop with a patio makeover: walkways, pool decks, and even driveways can be rejuvenated using pavers. You can say goodbye to ugly asphalt and poured concrete forever and be proud of your beautiful new outdoor living space!

Natural stone is the world’s original building material and it’s not about to go out of style anytime soon. Every landscape is unique, and we invite visitors to browse our samples and design displays to get inspired and choose the best natural stone for your one-of-a-kind vision. We carry a huge variety of natural stone pavers as well as steps, slabs, wall units, natural stone veneer, landscape boulders, and more!

Yes, we’re more than a garden center… but we’re also more than a masonry supply or a plant nursery. At E.P. Jansen you won’t find ordinary big-box-store materials and supplies. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality to our customers, including expert advice to guide you in the best selections for your project, and we offer the best ingredients for amazing landscapes and outdoor living on any budget! Find out more about our products and services here: