How to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Never judge a book by its cover, so the saying goes. But what’s the first thing we do when we go into a bookshop? We pick up a book purely based on its cover. So, that saying’s a load of nonsense really.

It’s the same with houses. You might think it’s the inside that counts and, to a certain extent it is, but it doesn’t matter how immaculate the inside of your home is, if the outside is a bit tatty, then visitors, passersby or potential buyers will think the inside is a bit tatty too.

With this in mind, it’s important the outside of your house looks as good as the inside. ‘Kerb appeal’, as estate agents and property TV programmes call it.

If you’ve bought an apartment in a London development, the exterior of your home might be maintained under your service charge and its upkeep is done for you. If so, then lucky you, but for those of us in freehold properties who have to look after the outside ourselves, here are some tips on how to improve your home’s kerb appeal.

Do the weeding

Weeds are the bane of our lives. It seems no matter how thoroughly we dig them up, they come back bigger, stronger and more abundant than before.

It’s really important to keep your front garden free of weeds though, as, aside from a burnt-out van or discarded shopping trolley, there’s nothing more off-putting than a jungle of a front garden.

Clean everything

Cleaning everything that can be cleaned is a quick and cheap way to give the exterior of your property a new lease of life. Jet wash driveways, paths and walls, clean the front door, windows and window frames, and don’t forget the front gate.

Get the paintbrush out

Although painting isn’t a particularly quick or cheap fix, a fresh coat of paint on your house and any woodwork will work wonders in a way that simply cleaning won’t.

Replace or clean the guttering

Gutters overflowing with moss, leaves, twigs and everything else birds like to put in them aren’t only unsightly but gutters full of gunk can’t do their job properly. Get your gutters cleared of debris and if they’re really old with cracks and peeling paint, consider getting them replaced completely.

Add lighting

At last, a tip that doesn’t involve painting or cleaning! Adding lighting to your home’s exterior will give it a whole new look. You could install motion detector lights to deter burglars, solar lights to pretty up your path or, if your front entrance is particularly dark, a light near your door number so the pizza guy can find you.

Clean your curtains

Sorry, we’ve gone back to cleaning. Don’t forget the bits inside your home that can be seen from the outside. Yes, we’re talking about your curtains. If you’ve got tatty nets that haven’t been washed since you got them, stick them in the wash or buy new ones. The same goes for your curtains or blinds. Okay, you can’t stick blinds in the wash but give them a good clean or, if they’re a bit the worse for wear with slats falling off or missing, buy new ones. For real kerb appeal, invest in shutters. They’re expensive but they’ll give your house the wow factor from the outside as well as the inside.

Buy a new doormat

And the finishing touch to your clean and freshly painted and weeded exterior is the good old doormat. Be honest, you probably have no idea what state your doormat is in, do you? We’re willing to bet it’s in a bit of a state – after all, it gets walked on all day, so, take a trip into town and buy yourself a new one.

Improving your kerb appeal adds value to your home

Improving your kerb appeal won’t only make the exterior of your property more attractive, a well-maintained exterior will also add value to your home and keep it protected against the elements.