How to know when it’s time for a furnace replacement

furnace repair

Living in Edmonton, chances are that you’re using your furnace extensively. After all, it is counted among the Canadian cities with the coldest winters. Even during summers, the average daily temperatures reach a maximum of 17.7 ℃.

Now that you’re using your furnace extensively, how to know if it’s still working fine. Are you not overworking your furnace heating system?

It’s true that most heating and air conditioning systems can last long if you maintain them properly. But, there comes a time when their life gets over. Various parts of your heating equipment start giving up and eventually, your furnace starts deteriorating. At this point, you have to figure out if there’s a need for a furnace replacement or just a bit of repair.

Edmonton Furnace Replacement or Repair

This is an important decision to make, which will mostly depend on your finances. You need to figure out what’s the issue with your furnace. Is it really big or just a minor issue that can get repaired easily?

In case you got your furnace repaired earlier too, you need to decide whether you want to spend more money on repairing it. Or, if you would prefer purchasing a completely new system.

Benefits of Purchasing a New Furnace

Buying a new furnace means that you will have a completely fresh system with greater efficiency. It will have a longer life than an old one that has been repaired. Also, being more energy efficient, a new furnace would save you money in the long run. And, it will also save you from the hassles of getting it repaired frequently.

Warning Signs that You Need a Furnace Replacement

You should contact a reliable furnace company like Acclaimed Edmonton HVAC if you notice any of these signs:

1. Your Furnace is Too Old

Furnaces also have a lifetime of their own. On average, most furnaces, air handlers, or heat pumps are known to serve for a period of 15 years. If yours is older than that, you should consider a furnace replacement before it starts causing you trouble.

In case you think that your furnace is still in good working condition and can last for a few more years, I would recommend you to get it checked once. It may not be that energy-efficient. And, you can still consider replacing it with a more efficient one.

2. Your Furnace is Releasing Bad Smell

You should never ignore any unpleasant odor coming out of your furnace. This could be a sign of a major problem, such as the release of carbon monoxide. Such gases can make you ill with frequent headaches, itching in the nose, or difficulty in breathing.

In fact, bad air quality, extreme dryness, or humidity can also indicate that your furnace system isn’t working appropriately.

You should immediately call an expert in furnaces to identify and resolve the issue. If the issue is a major one, you may need to replace your furnace too.

3. You Hear Weird Sounds

If you notice unusual sounds coming from your furnace system, there are chances that it needs to be replaced. While a chattering noise can indicate an electrical issue, a banging or puffing sound can suggest ignition issues.

However, the fan can also cause these strange noises. You can sometimes manage a noisy heating system with easy tricks. But you should still get your furnace checked for safety reasons.

4. Your Electricity Bills are Going Up

When your furnace completes its lifetime, it is no more an energy-efficient system. Your heating unit may be overworking to provide you with warm surroundings. But it is wasting both electricity and gas.  Heavy electricity consumption is a clear sign that your furnace system has lost its efficiency.

You should consider getting a furnace replacement to get a new efficient furnace that saves on your utility bills too.

5. You See a Yellow Flame

Your gas furnace should have a steady blue flame. If the flame turns yellow or seems to flicker, it may be releasing harmful carbon monoxide gas into your home. You may also notice water leakage or furnace pipes’ rusting, which confirms that it is emitting harmful gases.

6. Your Furnace Needs Frequent Repairs

Are you facing the need of getting your furnace repaired frequently? Then it is a clear sign that you should not spend more money on its repair costs. Instead, look for a good Edmonton furnace replacement company and get your system replaced.

7. You’re Remodeling Your Home

If you have plans for remodeling your home or are looking for cost-effective remodeling ideas, you may need to upgrade your furnace system as well. This is to ensure that your heating system is capable of handling your home’s heating needs.


If you’re facing any of the above-mentioned issues with your furnace system, you should get it checked. An inefficient furnace system not only raises your electricity bills but can also be unsafe. A failed system can put you at a risk for fire in the house or can even lead to the release of harmful gases.

So schedule your furnace replacement order before it gets too late. And, enjoy the advantage of living in a cozy, warm ambiance at home.