How to put up gazebo lights

Outdoor lights

Follow this simple step-by-step video to learn how to put up your outdoor lights whilst avoiding common mistakes.

Outdoor fairy lights work really well on gazebos, pergolas and other similar wooden structures. Follow the instructions below to put them up without any stress or hassle.

You will need:

Outdoor lights (buy them online here)

Staple gun (buy online here)


1. Decide on a pattern and measure along where the lights will go. Make sure your lights are long enough.

2. Untangle your lights and lay them out flat

3. Starting from the point furthest away from the power outlet, begin stapling the lights in place with a staple gun. Doing it this way will ensure you’re not left with excess slack at the end.

4. Continue stapling the lights in place in your desired pattern, being extra careful not to put a staple through the cable.

5. Make sure that you leave enough clearance around doors, windows and other obstacles.

6. Your lights will eventually have to make their way back to a socket, usually via a window. If you have excess lights, use them to ‘frame’ the window.

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