How your garden transforms through the seasons

Winter to summer

We often think as spring and summer as being the only season during which time our garden is active but, as this infographic from Rattan Direct shows, the garden is alive with growth and bugs in every season.

The garden in WINTER

Winter is the time the garden slumbers but, as a gardener, you will need to take good care of your soil and plants sensitive to cold, rain, ice and snow. But your garden isn’t completely asleep. Small bugs still roam your garden, laying eggs for spring hatching and your plants are gathering strength and nutrition from the soil ready for a surge in spring growth.

The garden in SPRING

A spring time garden is a delight to see as it slowly wakes from its winter slumber. Bright green buds can be seen on trees and shrubs, and there is usually the first growth of spring-flowering bulbs to look forward to.

The garden in SUMMER

Now at its peak, the summer garden is lush and green, full of colourful dancing flower heads. Insects and wildlife enjoy the bountiful supply of food in your garden during the warm summer months. And you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your gardening handy work.

The garden in AUTUMN

Cooler days and evenings signal the end of summer, ushering in the fiery reds, bright yellows and deep orange colours of autumn. Now is the time to cut back some shrubs, gather the fallen leaves for leaf mulch for use next season, and the time to clear the garden ready for the cold depths of winter.

Check out the infographic by Rattan Direct:

Gardening infographic