Keep your house clean with these quirky but useful tips

House cleaning tips

You will discontinue traditional house cleaning methods after reading the below-listed tricks and tips from the world’s most popular house cleaning administrators. The post reveals the lesser-known methods to make every room of your house cleaner.

House cleaning tips are gathered below:

Hardwood Floor Cleaner can be the reason for sparkling floors

This Eco-friendly floor cleaner is made up of cups of vinegar, Castile soaps and other special ingredients .This mixture gives you the beautiful and shining floor.

Screen doors can be cleaned with a lint roller

Pet hair and cobwebs can be removed from the screen doors by using a lint roller.

House cleaning tips

Vinegar solution or angry mama for microwave

Vinegar solution can be used in order to clean your microwave without scrubbing or you can get angry mama which can help remove the harden food and other microwave junk rapidly.

Cleaning bathroom vents in seconds

It is to take a quick action of your bathroom vets are full of dirt and debris. You can use warm soapy water rub and use a vacuum to pull out the dirt inside that container.

Without using harsh chemicals, clean your oven glass with magic erasers

To clean up grease and grime from your oven glass, you can buy magic erasers and scrub it into the small sections to clean up the entire glass. The results are magical.

An easy way to clean a Microfiber Couch

Take the spray bottle, little-rubbing alcohol and a hair dryer to get rid of water and grease stains from your microfiber couch.

The rapid way to clean your stove burners

You can use a cup of ammonia and zip lock bags. Keep the burners overnight and let them soak and you will find the new-like burners till morning.

Use baking soda, peroxide and dish soap to clean your mattress in seconds

Sprinkling a little amount of baking soda or using a mixture of peroxide, dish soap or salt will help you remove blood, urine or sweat from your mattress.

Cleaning chrome faucets

You can use dryer sheets to clean up your chrome faucets to make them like a brand new.

Cleaning your grout

Clorox cleaning gel works magic for your floors to make them shine stunningly white.

Tower Fans

Tower Fans can also be used to remove the settled dust. You just have to switch on the fan and the settled dust will be removed from the place. And after that, you can clean the floor where the loose dust is present. Good tower fans are very useful in these circumstances.

Clean your showerhead with vinegar

Fill in the sandwich bag over the showerhead with vinegar and keep it like that overnight. You will find the tremendous results n using this trick.

Clean up your dirty pillows using these four things

Borax, Bleach, powdered laundry and dish detergent are the ingredients those can be used to clean yellowed pillows shine white. You can find more pillow care tips in this handy guide.

The toaster can be cleaned with a paintbrush

The old paintbrush can be used to clean up your toaster with dish soap, vinegar to clean away food particles from around the toaster.

Dishwasher cleaning

Bleach, vinegar and baking soda can be used to make your dishwasher look smell-proof and new.

The above-listed tips will help you out clean every room of your house more clean and tidy.