How to properly paint your home’s exterior

painting house

Painting your home’s exterior is a great way to make it look better while potentially making it even more valuable. Before getting started, there are certain things you should be prepared to do to make sure you are completing the paint job like a pro.

Make Sure You Use High-Quality Paint

You should choose high-quality paint that is meant to be used on the outside of a property. The reason exterior paint must be used is because it dries a lot faster than traditional paint and may be able to withstand the weather a lot better. You can visit Topline to receive help with finding the type of paint you should use on your home’s exterior.

Figure Out How Much Paint You Are Going to Need

It helps to know how much paint you are going to need to have to cover your home’s exterior with ease. You would not want to run out of paint midway through the painting process because that would just be frustrating. If you are not sure how to determine how much paint you are going to need purchase, consider using a paint calculator. The paint calculator is easy to find on the websites of different companies that sell paint products.

Get the Right Equipment

While it is important to get the paint, it is even more important to get the right equipment to use with the paint according to house painters, JD Hostetter & Associates. You will need a paint roller to cover large areas and assorted paint brushes to use on corners and other small sections of the home. It is important to purchase a paint roller tray so that you have somewhere to pour out your can of paint. Aside from these items, make sure to have a pair of gloves to wear on your hands and a ladder to help you reach certain sections of the home.

Purchase the Right Ladder

You should not purchase the cheapest ladder you find just to help you reach certain areas. Your safety is important, and you need to be able to stand comfortably on the ladder while reaching out and extending your arms to paint various parts of the home, so make sure to purchase a reliable ladder that is not going to fold on you when you are using it.

Invest in the Best Painting Products

You know you need to get paint rollers and paint brushes, but did you know there is a difference between the ones you can use on exterior surfaces? Because there is a difference, you need to make sure you are purchasing the best painting products to use on the outside of your home, including rollers and brushes that are going to help you achieve a decent paint job on your home.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Check the weather before you start painting. You would not want to spend all your time painting only to have the rain come down and destroy your progress. Get ready to paint on a day when no rain is in the forecast so that your paint will have plenty of time to dry.

Mix the Paint After Opening It

Once you open your paint, use a stick to mix it well before you begin applying a coating of the paint to your home. When the paint is mixed well, it will look a lot better when it gets applied to the home.

Do Not Forget to Clean the Home Before Painting

You will need to clean your home’s exterior before applying paint to it. The best way to get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated on your property over time is to use a pressure washer to quickly remove everything, leaving your home looking much cleaner on the outside.

Decide What to Do With Your Paint

If you have some paint leftover, consider saving it. If you do not want to save it, you need to know how to throw it out properly.

Avoid Trying to Rush Through the Process

Be patient and precise when painting. If you rush through the process, the finished job will not look as good.

Make Sure You Clean Everything

After you have completed the paint job, quickly and carefully rinse off your rollers and brushes. If you do not wash them, the paint will stick to them and they will no longer be good to use again in the future.