5 common minimalist interior design mistakes to avoid

minimal design

Minimalism is one of the biggest trends in interior design today, and we’re not expecting it to go away any time soon. With that, you are probably one of the many people that want to incorporate this style into your home. But before you start chucking all of your clutter out or painting your walls

4 ways to spruce up your home

home improvements

As a homeowner, we’re always looking for ideas about how to spruce up our homes. Sometimes, it’s just to make a better impression with the neighbours. Other times, you’ve become bored with how the place looks or it just needs some enhancement to get it how you’d like it to be. Here are 4 ways

3 hacks to decorate your student dorm room

dorm room

A college dorm room might only seem like a place where you will study and sleep, but it’s actually an important space that you will associate to some of the best years of your life. When you look at it that way, it’s definitely worth it to go the extra mile and invest a bit

Using classic blue in your home improvement plans this year

classic blue

The color of the year is not as fun and daring as the colors of the previous two years. Rather, it’s a muted classic, as the name would suggest. It doesn’t make it any less exciting, though. Especially when you use it in smart ways, it can be a perfect accent color to your living

How to extend your home outdoors

home design

Every home needs an outdoor living space for families to enjoy. Whether you are working with a vast backyard or a tiny patio area, there’s a lot you can do to build the ideal outdoor living space. Here are some fantastic ways to extend the comforts of your home to your outdoor area. Place plenty

How to decorate you bedroom: a step-by-step guide

decorating a room

We are living in a world which constantly causes us stress. As the day starts, our stress too starts cutting into our mental peace and decreasing our positive energy. In this stressful world, your bedroom is a place where you lie down calmly, relax your body, and de-stress your mind. It is also the place

Painting your house in different conditions – A brief guide

painting a house

For most homeowners, painting the house is a big task. This is not a thing that we want to conduct frequently. We generally go for house painting once in 5-10 years. There are two reasons behind not conducting home painting frequently. The first reason is the expense that we do for a home painting job.

Five reasons why interior design is so important

interior design

The interior design of your home is very important and that is why most of the people pay a lot of attention to the construction of their homes. This is the specific place of interest (the inner parts) for almost all visitors to your home. You must ensure that it is properly designed so that

A beginner’s guide to prepping and painting doors

painting a door

Doors often take the backseat when it comes to interior design and changing the look of your home, but they shouldn’t! By applying a fresh new coat of paint to your homes front doors, closet doors, or other doors, you can make a huge visual impact. For an inexpensive yet bold design change, consider painting