Landscape design tips for beginners


Many people wish for the loveliest garden in the neighborhood yet reaching such milestones takes more than just a wish. Creating a beautiful garden may take lots of hard work but the results can be truly rewarding if done correctly. Apart from the green, landscaping utilities such as patios and sun awnings in Phoenix has also offered extra protection from prying eyes including increasing the value of a home should you wish to sell. Here are some fascinating design tips to get beginners started on the journey to a manicured lawn that is the envy of your neighbors.

Understand your garden

Take the time to study the yard before starting any work on it as it helps in the final effects of your landscaping. Understanding wind patterns and sun placement is mandatory prior to landscaping if you want to provide ample shade in the summer and shelter from the wind. You risk messing up the entire yard if you start landscaping without understanding the lay of the land.

Channel your inner artist

You don’t have to sculpt like Da Vinci or paint like Picasso to achieve a beautiful garden. Then you have to make the right color, design and structural decision to achieve the personal effect you would like in the yard. Whatever your tastes are, feel free to express them as long as they are safe for the entire family. All your focus should be getting the sizing right to ensure things emerge just as you would like. The perfect landscape has variations in shape, size, and color as well as repetitions that bring cohesiveness to the outdoors.

Start small

Don’t be fooled by those home garden shows that make over the outdoors in a matter of days. When going it alone, it is advisable that you begin with a simple flower bed, sun awnings, patio umbrellas or trees. All through the process, you must take a step back to see if things are developing according to your plan. Rushed landscaping almost always ends up looking sloppy so it is best to avoid shortcuts. If projects become too overwhelming, you may enlist some help from family but ensure that they are familiar with your design plan. Experts in the industry recommend working on a garden for a few hours at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Focal point

Focal points are an easy landscape design concept for beginners. You can work around a large tree that’s already in the garden, the house or water feature. Draw people’s eyes toward the focal point and slowly move them through the landscape. Lines of trees, a series of shrubs or bright flowers can be planted around or leading up to your focal point for desired effects. Using a single element is also possible but only if you are able to avoid monotony.

Make changes

As time passes by, things will start shaping up in the outdoors. Plants will grow to fill up empty places while tree branches reach even further. If there is an element that you don’t like on the landscape, don’t hesitate to remove or change it. Bring in the shade with sun awnings or use some lattice covers to bring in some sun.

Patience is an important value for landscaping enthusiasts the world. Things might not take the direction you thought they would, forcing you to remove trees or bring down the structure. Losses such as these can be emotionally draining for the impatient soul but it is a thing that most landscapers have had to deal with.