Live in an old house? Here are 5 plumbing tips that you need to consider


Your home is one of the most important assets of your life. You need to maintain and take care of it at regular intervals to make sure everything is proper and fine. One aspect of your home that is indispensable to a good and comfortable life is plumbing. If you are the owner of a new house, it is obvious that your plumbing is new as well. However, if you live in an old house, do you pay attention to the condition of water pipes and drains regularly- most homeowners, unfortunately, admit they do not!

5 Tips for caring and maintaining old plumbing systems

When it comes to the plumbing needs of an old home, you must keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Check the material of the pipes and replace them with newer modern versions- Inspect the water pipes of your home. You will find old homes mostly have water pipes made of cast iron, clay and galvanized steel. These pipes are prone to crack and breakage with time due to their weight. Call a plumber to inspect these pipes and ask him whether they should be replaced immediately or can they last for a couple of years more?
  2. Avoid chemical cleaners for drains-If you do not have a water pipe that is not made of plastic, avoid the use of chemical cleaners for drains. They are perfect for the new water pipes for today however do not make the mistake of using them for an old non-plastic pipe. Consult credible plumbers Vancouver experts to know how to clean old pipes without damage.
  3. Look out for leaks- Look out for signs of leakage from the bathroom or kitchen fixtures. These are small warning signs that you should never ignore. When you notice wet cabinets and floors, call a plumber instantly. Experts say that no matter how small the leak might seem, it is prudent for you to always call in plumbers to avert major plumbing problems in the house later.
  4. Know how to deal with emergencies- In case, there is an emergency you should be aware where the main shut off valves for the sewer and water supply to pipes are located. Even in the case of small repairs plumbers shut off the connection to the sewers and pipes. New homes generally have the shut-off points in easily accessible spots. However, in the case of older homes, they might be located in difficult spots. When you are renovating your home, ensure that you do not make accessing these shut-off valves hard for you in the event of a plumbing emergency.
  5. Protect pipes during winters- In winters old pipes generally freeze. Before the onset of winters, contact skilled plumbers and take the necessary precautions to protect your pipes from freezing.

Therefore, if you have an old home, ensure you keep these five plumbing tips in mind. They will help you keep major plumbing problems at bay and ensure you do not face hassles with the water supply to your home!