Motorized cordless blinds: Always a better choice than manual ones

motorized blinds

When it comes to home decor, managing home’s windows treatment always pops in the mind. Earlier manual blinds were popular and they are in use these days too but smart technology has overlooked their styles and comfort in usage. Motorized shades are in power today as in they have much more to offer.

Windows hold a major portion of our home decor designs as well as in functionality. It is the windows which regulate natural lights and temperature in our homes. Shades on them keep a check on their entrances through windows. They can either be controlled manually or through technology offers in the form of motorized shades.

Major Differences between Motorized and Manual Shades

Since the name itself boasts of how improved technology have paved the way for motorized shades, we are going to mark some of the advantages you will get after opting the motorized ones over the manual ones.

Get Rid of Reaching the Shades

The problem associated with manual shades is that you need to reach out to them every time you want to lower it or raise it with cords or pull chains. Motorized shades have solved this problem by giving all the controls at the tip of your fingers.

Either with a phone, tablet or a remote, you can operate it even when you are not in the room. Also, you don’t have to use your furniture to adjust the shades as the digital technology takes care of it all.

Automation overpowers manual use

Often with the intervals of time, we need to block or allow the sun’s rays into our room. This can be a burdensome task and when you are not at home, you’ll end up with the excess heat in the room as you forgot to lower the shades. With motorized shades you can schedule the lowering and raising of the shades as you please since you already know at what time the sun’s rays in your home are at their peak and when they are not.


Suppose you are not at home and burglars out there were waiting for this opportunity, or children or pets are there alone in the home. Here comes safety which is your priority and motorized shades help you with that. It allows you to operate them with your phone or tablet remotely so that nobody gets to know you are not home and children don’t have to bother lowering of shades.

Cost Worth it

Manual shades have advantages over here, if you are on a budget, as it can be quite difficult for you to afford the technology. However, it is totally worthy if you install the motorized shades as it guarantees safety with comfort.

Interior Decor

Not only it provides comfort, but also it takes care of the interior design of your room as it comes with a variety of blinds like Spring-Blinds vertical blinds, Venetian, mini, micro, etc. Shading fabrics allow you to choose the designs and their open weaves present a beautiful view outside. With remote, you can line up all the shades and close and open in unison, which looks wonderful.