Master bedroom furniture upgrade ideas


Compared to the living room and the kitchen, upgrading your master bedroom might seem like an easy task. The bedroom is often ignored when it comes to redoing it. Just like any other room in the house, it deserves a makeover.

Picking the right bedroom furniture can be tricky. There are so many factors to consider before buying bedroom furniture. Consider your bedroom size, theme, your budget and durability of the furniture.

The bedroom should be calm and peaceful room, where you relax and unwind alone or with your spouse. You should consider the atmosphere you intend to maintain or create during the upgrade.


Obviously the bed is the master piece in the bedroom. Upgrading your master bedroom will involve revamping your bed. The designs will vary depending on your preference. The quality of your bed should be durable since a bed is not something you buy everyday.

Real Wood is expensive but worth it. Don’t go for cheap and be disappointed later on. Cheap is expensive. The sizes are either king or queen size.

Since the bed is the center of attraction don’t be in a hurry with this one. Take your time and go all the way. Get a fitting and comfortable mattress to go with your bed. While at it don’t forget the bedding. Nowadays bamboo bedroom sheets are taking over for their silky and soft texture. They come in different textures. I know one would wonder how bamboo can make soft bed sheets. Bamboo sheets are famous for their temperature regulating properties and built-in resistance to mold.

Play around with the pillows and the duvets. You can either settle for comforters or duvets.


You can’t go wrong with this one. Get a headboard that complements your bed. The texture and color should be considered. The wrong headboard color can

Ruin your theme. You need to get it right.

Bedside tables

Upgrading your master bedroom furniture entails a lot you need a place for your lamp, alarm, glasses, phone or even books. Get a bedside table that complements your bed and other furniture in the room. There are different designs available in the market. Get what suits you best. If you need more storage you can opt for one with drawers. This will give you extra storage for you to use and keep your room organized.

Chest of Drawers

This is a furniture that acts as storage. It helps you keep your bedroom more organized and neat. While upgrading your master bedroom furniture, get a chest of drawers that complements the rest of the furniture and the theme of your master bedroom. The size of the drawers will be determined by the space available and also the storage required.

Jewelry Storage and Armoires

This is for your jewelry. This drawers have convenient hooks that make storage and organizations easy.

It can also act as a decoration piece in the room. An additional mirror on this piece and it will be perfect.


Your closet might be in-built or walk in closet. Whichever type it is, it can use a little love while upgrading your master bedroom furniture. You can change the door or even the color just so it isn’t left out. If your master bedroom’s closet is a walk in then you can upgrade one or two furniture pieces in it.

To complete the entire upgrade you can add a touch of wooden floor and some ragged floor mat to go with it.

Upgrading your master bedroom furniture can be exciting and tiring but take your time. You don’t want to rush things up and spoil the final results. This can be costly. With all the factors considered and the furniture on  board. Give your master bedroom that master make over and enjoy your new room.