Planning to create your own garden workshop shed? Here’s how

garden shed

Are you planning to create your own garden workshop shed? Before buying any materials, take the time to make a blueprint plan with measurements. Do you know what will be stored in the shed? Large items like a garden tractor and a wheelbarrow can take up some space. What size will you need? You need to accommodate space for storage and space to work unrestricted. Will you need electric for power tools? Will you need lighting? Windows and the addition of a clear corrugated panel on the roof will help to let light in.

There are a few choices in what materials to use for garden sheds. Aluminum or steel is an option, along with wood. The wood can be stained to a preferred stain or add siding to match the home. Kits are available but vary on what materials are included in the kit. Be sure to read and know what all comes with the kit. The choices of materials will vary, so go with what fits your personal budget.

How will you use the space? If you use it for gardening and you need space to fill planters. then you will need a bench at the height that is comfortable for you to work on. Shelving on the wall, grid wire, or pegboard, placed on the wall behind the bench will allow for keeping necessities within reach. Adding a loft provides extra storage for the lesser used materials. Lighter items like tomato cages tied to nails on the rafters, are up and out of the way.

This is why a blueprint will help. You can determine what goes where. If you like to work outside of the shed, consider adding an overhang. Many people feel claustrophobic in a smaller space. By adding a concrete slab and a roof off the side of the shed, you can work outside and take advantage of the fresh air.

You can optimize your outside working space by adding pegboard to the inside of the double doors. When the doors are open and pushed back against the shed, lightweight tools located on the pegboard are close by. Be aware of how much weight you add to the door so the weight does not pull on the hinges.

Will you decorate the outside of the shop? Customizing a shed to fit your personality is necessary. You want to feel comfortable in the space. Build window boxes for overflowing flowers, paint the inside, add curtains and put up an inspirational sign you like. Whatever makes you happy.

Make sure that the shed is level with the ground and build a ramp if it is not. You should be able to move about the space seamlessly without tripping over things or having to move things. Garden sheds make great workshops, craft sheds and mini-barns. Sheds in Perth are so versatile to use for many purposes that they are never a bad purchase.

It is easier to change your mind about wants and needs while the design is on paper. What will you use the shed for in the winter? Will it store winter equipment, tools and supplies? If you think about every detail from the start, you will have the size you need. Now you know what you want in a shed. Use the blueprint to create it.