Protect your home and garden with these tips on how to stay safe

Home security

Ensuring the safety of your home and garden is pivotal. People tend to make the same mistakes again and again when it comes to securing their home and garden. We’ve detailed below so you don’t have to.

Don’t advertise on social media

Did you just purchase a large screen television that you’ve had your eye on for years? Resist the urge to brag about it on Facebook, because if you do, you are alerting people to the fact that you have something valuable in the house. Furthermore, do not post when you are on vacation and never leave your calendar laying in plain sight, where it can be viewed from a window. A burglar can look in, see the calendar and figure out when you are not going to be around.

Don’t let people know you have a pet

This advice may seem surprising, but consider this – if a burglar knows that you have a pet, they also know that the pet likely makes you feel more secure than you would otherwise. As a result, you probably won’t set your alarm.

Therefore, it is important to put away all your pet’s accessories so that you don’t clue anyone in to the fact that you have an animal in the house. Some people think that their dog will keep a burglar from entering; the truth is that a burglar knows how to get what they want. They will bring treats for the pet or figure out how to get them to calm down.

In addition, the presence of a pet door makes it easier for burglars as well. They know the door is not as strong and therefore it won’t be as hard to break down.

Make sure your windows are covered

Draw your curtains or close your blinds. If you leave them open, anyone can look in from the outside and see what you have in your home. In addition, don’t be shy about displaying your window locks. Burglars don’t want to break the glass because it’s loud and it can be dangerous. Therefore, if they think it will be difficult to get in, they are more likely to move on.

Get gates for your home

One mistake a lot of people make is not getting gates for their home. Gates provide a physical as well as a psychological barrier to entry. By adding gates to the piers outside your home, you ensure you provide this barrier. Automatic gates can increase security to an even greater degree as they can’t be opened by strangers and often even come with intercoms.

Be careful when putting the house on the market

It is common to post pictures online of a house for sale. However, this tactic alerts burglars to the layout of the house and what it has in it. Therefore, before the pictures are taken, make sure that you put away any valuables. You don’t want to entice a burglar to target you.

Be smart with your doors and keys

Have a spot where you always leave your keys, and make sure that spot is not visible. Do not put your address on your key; if you lose it, that would make it easy for someone to break into your home.

If you do not have a deadbolt, install one. Yale locks are notoriously easy to get past. It may be a good idea to have a letterbox cage put on your door because it can deter thieves.

Put away your tools

Things like tools and ladders can be picked up and used by a burglar to get into your home. Therefore, put these items away. In addition, do not throw away a letter without shredding it first. Thieves will look through your trash in an attempt to steal your identity.