Reclaimed brick tiles – What you should consider before buying

Brick flooring

Reclaimed Brick tiles are a beautiful way to add character to any setting. Whether you have an old period property or modern commercial space; brick tiles can complement the room. Due to their hard-wearing nature they can be used in any room including kitchens, hallways and outside patio areas. It is advisable to not use them in wet rooms including showers as they are quite porous.

Benefits to a brick flooring

Really long-lasting

The primary advantages of reclaimed brick floor tiles are that they are extremely hard-wearing, enduring heavy foot traffic over years of use.

Genuine look and feel

The appearance of reclaimed brick floor tiles can not be duplicated by modern engineered products and they have a very genuine feel and look to them. The method which the brick tiles enhance with age as it settles into the atmosphere of the property over time is something that can’t be achieved with modern engineered flooring. It is essentially a flooring that improves with age. Reclaimed brick floor tiles additionally have a timeless quality as well as unlike some other kinds of floor covering is not influenced by the style, similar to a way in which antique furniture keeps its desirability.

Brick flooring

Easy to maintain

15-20 years earlier, brick tiles needed to be sealed yearly with boiled linseed oil, which provided a protective layer to them. This was an arduous task that was very time-consuming. Today, contemporary sealers have actually changed a lot! Water-based sealants secure the brick floors while enabling water vapour to pass through. This suggests, when protected, the tiles are secured for 15 years.

Disadvantages of a block flooring

Tough underfoot

There aren’t too many disadvantages to a reclaimed Brick Floor Tile. The most evident is that it’s hard underfoot. If you prefer a softer feel, than perhaps this is not for you.

A difficult task to lay

laying a block floor is hard! Especially when using reclaimed bricks, you need to ensure you have a home builder that understands brick and has worked with reclaimed materials in the past.

Layouts and adaptability

Brick flooring

One of the really good things about a brick floor is its beautiful warm colours and range of tones, pattern and styles. There is almost an endless amount of different styles and patterns available to lay. As brick tiles are porous, they can be impregnated with coloured sealers. As a result, colours can be changed and darkened. This means that they can be impregnated and also as a result grown in colour. So if you choose a light brick tile, you can always darken the tile.

When it comes to patterns, some of the most popular are a brick bond, basket weave as well as a herringbone that can be either a 90 or 45-degree design.

Another thing that ought to be remembered when acquiring Recovered brick tiles is exactly how well it works with underfloor heating. The Romans knew these centuries ago and also laid clay tiles over hot water systems in their bath-houses. Typically, Reclaimed Brick Floors have a very good TOG score as well as conducting heat slowly and evenly throughout, unlike a stone floor.


Brick flooring

Lastly, Reclaimed Brick tiles require to be sealed prior to as well as after grouting. If a good sealer is used. This only needs to be done during installation and doesn’t need to be repeated year after year. When cleaning the floor, warm water and a mop is sufficient.


All in all Reclaimed Brick Flooring is a gorgeous addition and will be appreciated for years to come.