Questions to ask an Alexandria door company when installing new doors

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Many homeowners miss the opportunity to ask appropriate questions during the initial consultation. Make this article your guide to help you inquire about door installation services in Alexandria, VA.

The following questions are essential to ask when asking an Alexandria door company before door installation:

Do You Have Carry Insurance?

The Alexandria door company should have comprehensive liability coverage and workers’ compensation insurance. These insurance policies also help protect you if an accident occurs during the installation. The firm can verify by showing you the certificates or documents of their acquired insurance plans.

Don’t settle for a verbal agreement when you ask for the existence of these insurance policies. Require the door installation company to show you the documents as proof.

Companies that carry security plans for their clients and workers follow a strict set of guidelines to prevent overhead costs for the different parties. Reliable Alexandria door contractors shouldn’t be afraid of showing you the proof of their insurance plans.

If a particular firm gives you excuses as to why they can’t provide the necessary documents, then it might be advisable to take your interests elsewhere.

door company

What’s the Right Material for the Door?

Many homeowners consider their doors to be essential components of their houses. It’s with a good reason why this importance is in place. Doors provide extra security to properties because thieves would need to go through this entryway before they can steal your belongings.

But, consider the right material for your new door. The Alexandria, VA door company should know the similarities, differences, pros, and cons of the different materials.

The following is a brief overview of a few materials used on the construction of doors:


Wooden doors offer a vintage appeal. Many homeowners like the aesthetic design of wood. But, this material might be more expensive than other options. Also, wooden doors need periodic maintenance to help preserve their pristine looks.


Steel is a durable material, which makes it an ideal choice for front doors. You may also consider painting the metal door to match the theme of your home.


Fiberglass doors might be a low-cost option as opposed to installing wooden doors. This material is also durable and energy-efficient. But, fiberglass isn’t as durable as steel.

This material might also be an ideal choice for sliding doors thanks to its relatively lightweight construction.

Are There Hidden Charges?

One of the elements shown during the initial consultation is the total cost of the installation. But, some contractors might hide specific charges to their customers. Hidden fees are perhaps one of the biggest fears homeowners have to deal with during door installation services.

It’s for this reason that you shouldn’t hesitate to inquire about the existence of hidden charges. A reliable Alexandria door contractor should have transparency about the costs of the operation. But, instances may occur when certain charges don’t appear until particular situations happen at the job site.

For example, the contractor might need to exert extra effort to remove and re-install blinds and shutters on your doors. This additional service may require other equipment and labor to accomplish. Thus, the firm should tell you all the fees for the job during the initial assessment.

When was the Company Established?

A rule of thumb many homeowners follow when looking for trustworthy door contractors in Alexandria, VA, is to ask for the number of years in business. A door installation firm that existed for several years in the industry might be a sign of an established company.

A contractor who’s new to installing or repairing doors might provide lower prices than hiring experienced technicians. But, the quality of the job might not be as satisfying as getting the aid of skilled professionals.

At this point, also consider asking for references from the contractor. Ask for information about past clients, along with the services rendered. You may ask for the “Before & After” images of the door installation jobs. But, bear in mind that not all companies take pictures of their finished projects.

However, you may ask for a list of phone numbers from a few of the contractor’s past customers. Pick a few names from the list to call. Ask the clients about the services rendered by the Alexandria door technician, and if they’re satisfied by the assistance.


Let these questions be your starting guide to help you choose a professional contractor in Alexandria, VA. Don’t hesitate to ask for follow-up inquiries during the consultation. But, don’t forget to ask any additional questions that may come into mind during the installation. That way, you can gain peace of mind knowing your door installation will finish smoothly.