Shaping the environment: Top trends in landscape architecture


These days people are more aware of their carbon footprint and are trying to reduce it as much as possible. This newly found consciousness conveniently reduces the need for picture perfect lawns and leaves space for some creativity and spontaneity. What’s more, these simple and modern landscape alterations can boost your home value immensely. Gardening trends come and go, and you have probably noticed a few as you were walking around your neighbourhood. Here are some you might have spotted, and some that are yet to catch on.

Native vegetation

While in the old days it might have been a matter of pride for the centrepiece of your garden to feature some sensitive overseas species that required special attention and care, nowadays such endeavours seem irrational and rather old-fashioned. Today’s homeowners incorporate native vegetation in their gardens that blooms almost effortlessly and is part of the natural ecosystem. Quite often these plants are more resilient to diseases and usually require no fertilisers.

The Colour purple

While utilising native plants is the smart choice, what shows the homeowner knows his or her landscape trends is utilising shades of purple among those plants. After being named the colour of the year by Pantone, “Ultra Violet” is influencing landscape professionals who are finding ways to introduce more iris, violets, clematis, verbena and similar flowers into the picture.

Permeable landscaping

Brick, stone, gravel, grass pavers, plastic mats – whichever material you go for, it will serve its purpose. This is important since it allows water (and air) to flow into the ground. Besides being good for your garden, this way the water is free from debris, and it doesn’t carry pollutants into storm water drains.

Saving water

In every way possible. For this reason, many homes nowadays have a rainwater collector installed in the back. The water from this tank can be used almost exclusively for all your irrigation needs and can even complement the overall look of the backyard. As we have mentioned, native vegetation and succulents are extremely popular, precisely due to water saving.

Inside is outside

An interesting trend has arisen in recent years, and that is to extend your home as much as possible. People are more and more inclined to cook or spend time with friends outside, on a nice patio, rather than be in the closed (though beautifully decorated) space inside. Wi-Fi is available around the house, and with so much comfortable garden furniture on offer (hammocks, chairs, sofas, benches…) the entertainment has definitely moved outside. One of the most popular features to have in your garden nowadays is a custom fire pit, allowing you to relax outside despite the lower temperatures.

Solar-powered lights

You can’t extend your home into the garden unless it’s properly lit. Therefore, the most environmentally friendly version are solar-powered lights.

Fruits and veggies

Self-sufficiency is a wonderful term, and while it is impossible to completely depend on one’s own fruits of labour, there is a growing trend with people who are growing their own fruits and vegetables. From potatoes to cucumbers, peppers and beans, don’t be surprised if you hear someone bragging about the size of their tomatoes from their tiny garden.

If you haven’t paid special attention to the landscape architecture trends, now would be the perfect time to get acquainted. The latest trends are all about saving your money (e.g. lower water bills), minimizing the work needed for the maintenance, and increasing your home’s value. So, if you haven’t already, then you should definitely take some steps to update your garden.