Should I choose blinds or shades for a new home?


People other blinds and shades for their house according to their need and budget. Installing both of these are easy to control the level of light you want to let in and monitor privacy. To begin with, you need to determine the space you want to hang your blind or shade. You need first to understand which one to choose and why.

Blinds or shades – what to choose?

Blinds are solid treatments that are made of several materials like faux wood, aluminum, natural fabric, vinyl, wood, and more. Shades have slats or vanes that you can tilt and angle to monitor where and how much light you get into the room. For small spaces, you can consider wide and horizontal slats – it gives you an illusion of bigger windows. You need to keep the slats close if you want privacy.

Shades are softer treatments for your windows and come in types of Roman shades, cell shades, blackout, honeycomb, and more. It is a versatile style that comes with several textures, fabrics, patterns, and so on. Unlike blinds, these are controlled by pulling a cord. You can raise or lower it with this mechanism.

Types of Blinds

If you’re looking for classics blinds, you must check out The Blind Guyz for plenty of options. Know the types to them and see what suits your home:

1. Wooden blinds

These are advanced blind options that often alternate shutters. They are warm and give you an inviting look. These are available in both light and dark color tones and come with a polished and painted touch. If you want an earthy vibe, you can choose the slats that are made of bamboo – these don’t just make your décor look pretty but are also eco-friendly.

2. Faux wood blinds

These blinds last longer and are more resistant to moisture than the original wood. These blinds are perfect for places that have high humidity like the bathroom, kitchen, garage, and more.

3. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are durable and comparatively affordable. These are perfect for windows that are wider than tall. It is practical to choose these blinds and help control light well. If you have large glass windows at your home, vertical blinds are perfect. You can also use these on sliding doors.

4. Aluminum blinds

These look elegant and are sleek. Most people use these blinds in bedrooms and living rooms. The permanent screens are made from 6 or 8 gauge aluminum. They range from ½ to 2 inches in size.

5. Thermal blinds

These are eco-friendly blind options that conserve energy and keep the entire space warm. It can filter or block out light precisely as you need it.

6. Natural fabric

These are made of material like cotton, fabrics, and feel like curtains. They let in light or let you filter it in your way. These are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen.

Types of shades

Check out the shade types to know if you’d choose these instead:

1. Roman shades

Roman shades and blinds can be similar, so you need to check the material to understand if it works for you. These are sleek and easy to install. They have wide pleats and fold up and down as you need. You can use these for blackout fabrics.

2. Cellular shades

Commonly known as honeycomb, these blinds are easy to maintain and make your home look stylish. There are several shades that filter light or help darken your room. They come in several color options and are available for a single, door, or triple-celled shades.

3. Blackout shades

Blackout shades are slightly expensive compared to the rest as they block sunlight completely. You can either let your room have all the sunshine or prevent it entirely.

4. Woven wood shades

The woven wood shades offer complete natural coverage and come in several finishes that filter variation of light. These help you to either use open weaves or privacy weaves. These are made of natural woven wood and have clear lines and textures.

5. Roller shades

If you want to maintain privacy and also want to let it light, you can choose the roller shades. The filter in soft light into your room but doesn’t make anyone peep in. They come in sheer weaves and are affordable. You can easily roll up or lower these shades.

6. Solar shades

The solar shades are perfect for sun-facing rooms or rooms that need to control light. These are made from sheer weaves that offer protection from sunlight and reduce glare. It prevents furniture damage from UV rays and diffuses light.

7. Pleated shades

These are another type of shades that come with textures and patterns. They are easy to install and operate. They come with privacy liners that make a uniform look white from the outside.

You can now decide which type of window treatments you want to buy for your home. Make sure of the material quality and keep your kids and pets away to prevent harm.