Simple ways to make your garden appear bigger

small garden

Having a big and beautiful garden is the dream of many homeowners. With the gardening tools and technologies available today, creating a beautiful landscape and maintaining the garden are both very easy to do. Having a beautiful landscape to complement the property is no longer a farfetched dream to many.

Unfortunately, not all properties are blessed with big front and back gardens. Homeowners often have to grapple with the limited available space. This often leads to having to choose between a beautiful garden or a functional one. With the tips and tricks that we are about to discuss in this article, you no longer have to make that choice and can instead make your garden appear bigger.

Do a Detailed Sketch

Planning is everything when you only have a limited garden space to work with. You can’t just shop for plants and ornaments and expect them to fit together without making the garden appear cluttered. A simple but detailed sketch can help guide you through the whole process.

You start by taking accurate measurements of your garden. Make sure you consider the vertical space too, since you may have to go with racks and other vertical solutions to achieve that illusion of space. Create a template based on those measurements and work on your landscape.

It is also a good idea to make the base template for your sketch and then scan it for easy replication. You can print out new sheets every time you want to try a new idea. Experiment until you find a design that works for you.

Use Lines and Scale to Your Advantage

Lines and scale are your friends when it comes to making space appear bigger. Scaling everything correctly and directing people’s attention to important parts of the garden using leading lines are among the tips that work really well in this situation.

You also want to add shape to the space itself. For this, you can utilize retaining walls, stone paths, and even a small pond or a fountain to help form the garden in a more fluid way. Rounded shapes are great for accentuating parts of the garden, while straight lines work really well for directing attention to those parts.

Add Levels and Zones

It is also a good idea to divide the space into zones. Since you also want to keep the garden as functional as it can be, you can add a dining or functional area to an elevated zone for the same illusion of space. This is the same approach used by architects and interior designers to make the interior of your house appear bigger.

Have you ever seen a big room divided by different tiles? The room actually appears bigger because of that division. You can use different grass or surfaces to create the same illusion in the garden. The only thing to remember is being careful with the number of zones you add. Add too much, and you are back to a cluttered yard again.

With the space looking bigger, you can start adding Garden Furniture Land furniture and ornaments to make the garden more functional. It all starts with careful planning.