Situations when scaffolding is imperative for ensuring safety


Scaffolding is a temporary structure, used for providing vital support to construction workers who are required to work at great heights. A scaffolding structure will carry huge importance and can be used in construction, renovations, maintenance and repairs.

When is Scaffolding Needed?

In short, scaffolding is necessary when a thorough risk assessment has been performed and concludes that it is needed. By law, a risk assessment must be carried out when employees are required to work at height and before any work is started.

Carrying out a risk assessment is not a legal requirement when an individual is doing the work privately, but it is common sense to do so, just to make sure anyone working on the construction project is completely safe.

Why is Scaffolding Needed?

Even if the law doesn’t specify that scaffolding is needed for your project in hand, there are numerous reasons why scaffolding is simply important. Anyone who is required to work at height for extended periods of time, especially when the weather is wet, windy or even snowy, could be at risk of falling. Installing a secure and stable platform will reduce the risk of any accidents and make it much easier to navigate around the building without having to continuously climb up and down a ladder.

What’s more, having a secure scaffolding structure will also provide a safer and easier means to store tools, without risking the safety of those below the structure. Even a small tool falling from a height could potentially kill someone below, so it is a legal obligation that tools are kept safe, for the person responsible for the site safety.

Which Situations Require Scaffolding?


A career where working at height is probably most likely is painting. Painters often need to work at great heights, painting buildings and window frames, so the support of scaffolding can be vital. Choosing to use a ladder can be risky and can cause several injuries, especially when attempting to reach for the last patch to paint.

Cleaning Windows

Another career where working at height is vital is window cleaning. An essential part of running any big firm or hotel is the aesthetics of architecture, so window cleaning does require working at a huge height. In certain situations, working on scaffolding can be vital for cleaning windows, simply to perform the job safely and make it easier.

Roof Repairs

Before attempting any roof repair, making sure you have a stable scaffolding structure is vital. Even though repairing a roof can be a fairly simple job, it can be vital for ensuring that your building stays in perfect and stable condition. If not done properly, water can get into the structure and damage it, causing costly issues. Choosing to erect a scaffolding structure will make the job safer to do and give you more space to work on, without having to stretch.

Building Maintenance

Choosing to use scaffolding is also important when carrying out building maintenance and can often prove very beneficial. It’s important to ensure anyone working at such a height is both can and can carry out their job properly for maximum efficiency.


Working on any construction project can only ever be as safe as you allow it to be. Choosing a safe and stable scaffolding structure will keep both you and anyone else working at height both safe and accident-free. If you’re looking to hire a scaffolding structure, be sure to talk to a local scaffolding company such as ASC Edinburgh Ltd, a leading supplier of Scaffolding Glasgow. A reputable company will be able to give you all the advice you need.