Situations when scaffolding is imperative for ensuring safety


Scaffolding is a temporary structure, used for providing vital support to construction workers who are required to work at great heights. A scaffolding structure will carry huge importance and can be used in construction, renovations, maintenance and repairs. When is Scaffolding Needed? In short, scaffolding is necessary when a thorough risk assessment has been performed

Home extension ideas to add value to your home


An extension is an effective way to convert a so-so abode into a dream home. And with a little forethought, extending your home can enhance its resale value as well. A better place to live and a higher net worth; it’s a win-win. But not all renovation work makes a tangible improvement to resale value.

5 benefits of installing made to measure windows


Windows not only illuminate the house but also ventilate and add to the beauty of the house. However, all this is applicable only if they fit right. There may be a problem if you have a differently shaped or sized bespoke window. You can’t and shouldn’t use standard versions but instead, look for made to

Roof maintenance tips from a Cedar Rapids IA roofing consultant

roofing contractors

The roof adjusted to the style and structure of the building itself is cherry on top. In addition to looking attractive, it should be functional too. If you want to keep the roofing in excellent condition for as long as possible, it must be maintained regularly. Prevention will cost far less than any repair. Keep

Laws surrounding building in your own garden

garden building

Whether it’s a log cabin or a dream summer house, getting started on building in your garden is an exciting time. But the last thing you want is a letter through your door telling you that your lovely new fixture isn’t allowed! So, before you set off, take a moment to get familiar with these

5 incredible reasons to build your own swimming pool

swimming pool

Gone are those days when swimming pools are considered as luxury, found at Hollywood celebrity homes. According to a survey, there are around 8 million residential pools alone in America. Swimming is considered the best exercise and it doesn’t require heavy equipment and gears. It holds no age barrier making it a perfect activity for

The 5 most popular gutter options for homes


Price of the gutter, gutter installation cost, durability and maintenance requirements are among the main considerations when choosing the right type of gutter for your roof. All of these considerations vary according to the type of gutter needed. The gutter’s compatibility with attachments such as downspouts and leaf gutter guards as well as your aesthetic

Ensuring that your concrete is strong & suitable


Concrete tends to be a very relied-upon material in any construction. From the sturdy foundation to the walls to even the walkways outside, concrete can essentially be everywhere in a key construction project. It’s important then that you ensure that the concrete you’re using lasts a long time in the face of time itself, constant

Excavator extravaganza! What can an excavator do for you?


Excavators are the power machines you need for any heavy duty expedition, especially if you’re an archaeologist and you need to dig some pretty deep holes to get to that sarcophagus. But, of course we’re not all archaeologists. You’ll be surprised at how an excavator could be the piece of equipment you need this year.

The siding materials best suited for wet and humid climates


With storm intensity and incidence increasing as the weather becomes more unpredictable, it becomes a priority for homeowners to invest in siding that can protect homes. While aesthetics and home protection are the dual objectives, the latter is perhaps more important in today’s environment.  People residing in areas that experience wet and humid climates have