How to cut your own lumber with a portable chainsaw mill

portable chainsaw mill

The very first time I ever countered a portable saw mill was when I took my dad to cut wooden blocks for a wood house that we were building. More often than not, I didn’t quite like the noise that the saw gave and I almost gave it all up in the very beginning. One

5 tips for selecting the best chainsaw for your needs


The chainsaw is one of the most important tools that a homeowner can have. It can be used to trim bushes around the home and prepare wood for home improvements among other uses. But chainsaws don’t come cheap, which is why it is best to research on the best ones before making a purchase. To

Check out this record-breaking, 23-metre long chainsaw carving

John Hayes

John Hayes and his team from Wateford in southeast Ireland have carved an incredible tree sculpture depicting the history of Vikings in ancient Ireland. The 23-metre long carving consists of just one continuous tree trunk, with no joins or gaps. When complete, it’s expected to break the world record for the biggest chainsaw sculpture. Top