How to create the perfect playroom for your child

When it comes to creating the perfect playroom, it can be difficult to find the right balance between creativity and practicality. As well as this, children’s tastes are always changing, which isn’t always budget-friendly for parents! Today, I will be going through my top tips on how to create the perfect playroom for your child

Make your home kid-proof

child proofing

Have you been eyeing the latest interior design trend online? Do you wish to adopt the same home interior style? Home interior trends come and go. What is more important is how you create a space that is appropriate for your lifestyle. Customizing your home styling involves being fully aware of how you live daily.

Trampoline safety tips for kids


Trampolines are a very fun pastime; until an accident of course. Trampolines can be a very good exercising prop, but they are also responsible for a great many injuries. Statistically, 75% of trampoline injuries are found in children of 14 years of age or younger. But all said and done we as parents would still

How does pregnancy change your mind and body?


Wondering what happens immediately after birth, when to expect your period to return and whether it will be different to pre-pregnancy isn’t uncommon. Although being pregnant is an experience like no other and it can bring a whole range of changes to your body. Many mums-to-be will have questions about these changes, trying to determine

Top 7 tips for making your garden kid-friendly

kid friendly garden

By intellectually designing and decorating with some attractive and eclectic add-ons, you are ought to transform your garden into a delightful place. To engage your kids and also to replenish your childhood memories, coming up with creative yet budget-friendly ideas that help to sparkle an intense, eternal relationship with nature requires some skill set. Thus,

How to make your garden more child-friendly

kid friendly garden

All styles and designs of a home, change when there are little ones crawling and running around the house. The sharp edged furniture might have to be replaced with something smaller, more appropriate and safer for children. You also have to make space for the kids to be able to play around and do their

Why you should consider installing a kids’ swimming pool

When you start having little ones running all over the house, then you realize just how much movement and distractions you’ll be getting. Installing a kids swimming pool in your yard is the ideal outdoor accessory for your kids. It keeps them occupied and not to spend time in the house preventing you from doing

Child safety tips in the garden


A garden is a place that most adults are comfortable with. However, children also love being in the garden to help and learn about the garden. However, many adults do not realize that the garden is filled with hazards that can cause very bad accidents to the children. Things like chemicals, tools, plants and other

Give a long lasting gift this year

play centre

The holidays are right around the corner, and you’re still probably wondering what gifts to get them! It can be hard trying to keep up with the latest toys. Every week is a new trend, and many parents don’t want to shell out tons of money on a gift their kids will only play with

6 ways to get your kids playing in the backyard more

playing outdoors

These days, getting your kids to put down their electronic devices and spend some time outside can feel like an uphill battle. There are many proven benefits of encouraging your kids to go outside, including increased creativity and social skills. But screen time is often far more appealing to kids than venturing into the great