How to create the perfect playroom for your child

When it comes to creating the perfect playroom, it can be difficult to find the right balance between creativity and practicality. As well as this, children’s tastes are always changing, which isn’t always budget-friendly for parents! Today, I will be going through my top tips on how to create the perfect playroom for your child that won’t go out of style.

Use wall stickers to add colour and texture

The first hurdle to overcome is the initial decoration of the walls, as your child’s tastes can change overnight, decorating your playroom as their favourite colour or theme may not be the best idea. A great way to get around this is to decorate with a neutral canvas and add colour through other methods.

Wall stickers are a great way to add colour and texture to your playroom easily, without having to commit to a particular wall colour or theme. Moreover, they won’t tarnish your walls, so when your little one decides they want to add new stickers you can do this without the stress of repainting the walls.

You can order wall stickers in bulk from places such as Amazon to get more for your money, alternatively, you can find them in most craft shops which may be a fun way for your child to add their own personal touch as they are able to pick them out.

Create a chalkboard wall

In the same way that a feature wall can add character and life to your home, a chalkboard wall can have the same effect in a playroom. As you have most likely established, sometimes children like to go wild with colouring pens and although they mean well, it may end up with you having to re-decorate regularly, which isn’t cost-effective.

Having a chalkboard wall is a great, cost-effective DIY solution for this as it allows children to be creative without you having to worry about your nicely decorated walls.

You can acquire peel and stick chalkboards which are particularly effective if you have limited space as you don’t have to worry about floor dimensions. An alternative would be to purchase chalk paint which can be wiped clean and drawn on again, the only downside to this is that it can take up to 3 days to dry completely which isn’t ideal with a child in the house.

Utilise your space wisely

When it comes to a child’s playroom, I can guarantee around 80% of the floor space will be covered in toys, books and games. With that in mind, you need to strategically choose your storage solutions so your little one can have as much floor space as possible.

Toy cubbies are a great way to utilise your space as they are relatively slim and can be purchased in multiple sizes to fit your space. Their slim structure allows you to cover an entire wall with a toy cubby without restricting the amount of space you have afterwards, meaning you can create a home for all of your child’s toys.

They also allow your child to gain easy access to their favourite toys, books and games without having to pull everything out of an untidy box. Furthermore, you can add decor items to make them more aesthetically pleasing, such as light up letters from your child’s name.

Acquire a craft table

A craft table is a must when creating the perfect playroom as it offers your child their own place for completing craft projects, puzzles and board games. Moreover, it means you don’t have to worry about the dining table being stained or ruined.

Some parents like to use Montessori furniture as it encourages play and curiosity whilst also being practical. For example, when putting together a craft table, a Montessori chair would be a great fit as many have multiple functions, such as a built-in shelf which can act as extra storage space. They are also the perfect height for children so they don’t have to rely on you to help them up and down.

Frame their artwork

As a parent, you’ve probably had your fair share of paintings and drawings to add to your fridge, but there comes a certain point where you just can’t fit anymore.

Showcasing your child’s artwork in their own space allows them to add their own personal touch to the room. As well as this, they can admire the work they have created which will encourage them to explore their creative outlet more often.

Now you know how to create the perfect playroom for your child

I have shared my top tips on how to create the perfect playroom for your child and now it is time for you to try them out for yourself. No matter how big or small your playroom, I guarantee these tips will work for you and your child. Don’t forget, one of the most important things is to utilise your space wisely as you want to give your child as much room to play as possible.