Protecting your space: What you need to know about doors and fire

fire door

From a young age, fire educators teach us that closed doors are safer than open doors when it comes to protecting citizens and safety crews from active fire situations. However, not every door is created equal in terms of fire protection – doors that offer more protection specific to fire situations are known as fire-rated

Fire safety: What you should do when in danger

fire safety

When the topic revolves around emergencies, everyone always says that you shouldn’t panic. If you think about it, that’s easier said than done. Unless you’re a firefighter trained to properly respond to a fire or any other emergency, the likelihood that you won’t panic is low. If a fire occurs in your building, the sensors

How to choose the right firewood for your fireplace


There’s nothing quite like having a real fire in your home. Whether you opt for an open fireplace or a stove, the appeal lies in the immediate warmth and the simple connection with the natural world that a central heating radiator simply cannot compete with. In terms of homeliness and cosiness, surely there’s nothing better

Top 3 tips for preparing your own firewood


As a homeowner it can be a challenge to prepare your own firewood, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be much easier than you think to feed your fireplace or wood burner. It can also be cheaper than buying the already prepared firewood from the local dealer or shop. If you have

Is a fireplace environment friendly and safe?


Cold winter season finally started to welcome us. Let us also ready to welcome the cold for the longest time. Obviously we all want to keep our home warm and cosy during snow season. Why don’t you think about a fireplace for your living room? Generally, families are spend most of the time together in

Fire power! The increasing number of appliances fired by wood

wood fired oven

It goes without saying that wood is an extremely important resource which has been used for thousands of years to the benefit of society. From construction material to furniture to paper, it’s application is seemingly endless (here are some products you probably didn’t realise come from trees), but it’s woodfuel that has caught the eye