The most important things to consider when building your own greenhouse


The idea of having your own greenhouse and gardening year round is so tempting. But the only way you can enjoy it is when you build your greenhouse the right way. Greenhouses are the ultimate fantasy for gardeners. Apart from enjoying an extended growing season which is much more than the traditional outdoor growing season,

Tips on preparing your greenhouse for winter


Summer has yet to finish, but it is still as good a time as any to start planning for when winter comes around. There are a lot of things you must do, if you use a greenhouse, to get it reedy for the harsher, colder and shorter days. Regardless of whether you are considering on

The 5 best vegetables to grow in a greenhouse


There is quite a few advantages to growing organic vegetables in a greenhouse. It’s not necessarily a fix-all solution to weeds and pests, but it definitely helps quite a bit. Using a greenhouse gives you as much controls as you could possibly want over how you protect the vegetables that you want to grow. The

Making your garden storage look pretty

garden storage

When it comes to gardening, there needs to be a place for all the tools, seed packets, compost packages, and the like, to go. Usually in the shed in the back of the garden, or in the big cupboard that seemed to come with the house stuck in the back of the brick. However, these

3 tips to building a greenhouse on your property


In this day and age when the world’s population is highly disproportionate to the amount of food that is available, it is encouraged that we grow our own food.  It is also proven that eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is better than eating store-bought ones, even if they are labeled fresh and organic. One

The beginner’s guide to greenhouses


You have the itch to get out there and garden, you probably have all the tools to create a garden even the queen would be envious of! However, you may not have thought about a greenhouse. You may not believe you need a greenhouse but there are in fact many reasons why you actually do

5 Ways a wooden greenhouse can augment your garden

wooden greenhouse

If you are seeking the finest ways to spruce up the overall gaze of your garden, a greenhouse can be a fruitful way to enhance the beauty of your garden. There are numerous options available in the market that significantly provides essential protection and nurture to your valuable plants. Here we’ll discuss some ways by

Top 5 ways to keep your greenhouse warm


If you’re feeling cold in these winter months, maybe it’s time to turn the heat up…in your greenhouse! Greenhouse heating will protect your precious plants from becoming ice pops and keep your young plants snug and warm until spring. Heating your greenhouse will open up a whole new world of winter gardening! But heating a