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The Most Rewarding Fruit Tree I’ve Grown in My British Garden

Over the years, I have experimented with growing various types of fruit trees in my British garden, seeking to find the most rewarding tree in terms of flavour, yield, and ease of cultivation. I’ve trialled everything from traditional apples and pears to more exotic specimens like figs and apricots. It’s been a delightful journey, one

Guide to Starting a Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is what exactly the term means. It has a garden with fruits, herbs, and vegetables that you can harvest and use in your kitchen. It’s a fun hobby that can save you money since you don’t have to buy fresh produce when you have them at home. Plus, you can also be

Growing your own superfoods from an urban garden

urban garden

As many of us remain cooped up at home, it’s no surprise to see a growing number of people cultivating their green thumb. Anyone and everyone from first-time gardeners to budding enthusiasts are turning their attention to their gardens in order to grow their own, and by own, we mean superfoods A term that’s continued

4 reasons to grow your own food

Growing your own

If you have a garden or an allotment, the option of growing your food might have already crossed your mind. For new gardeners, this can be a little daunting, but there’s nothing quite like freshly grown organic fruit and vegetables. Growing your own fruit and veg is actually relatively straight forward, contrary to many people’s

5 things to know when starting an organic farm

organic farming

Do you live in the countryside and want to have your own natural crops? Fresh fruits and vegetables are encouraging for everyone. With the growing usage of additives and preservatives, people are no longer willing to search for these products in supermarkets. They prefer either buying them in a friendly greengrocer’s or planting by themselves

How to take care of a food garden

Food garden

If you have a garden, then the thought of planting a bunch of veggies undoubtedly crosses your mind at leasts couple of times every spring. And if the daunting fear that those will bring even more complexion to your garden maintenance has stopped you up to now, with the expert tips we are about to

5 tricks for your best garden ever


Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or not, there is nothing as fulfilling as having a garden of fresh vegetables and flowers. Essentially, knowing that your food and flowers coming from a clean garden brings a sense of great satisfaction. With that said, challenges associated with gardening exist. As such, to overcome these challenges, we

Crucial tips for watering tomato plants

tomato plant

Tomatoes are commonly grown within the gardens of each and every household. However, people who do not have gardens also love growing the tomato plants and they make use of the containers for doing so. It is comparatively easier to grow the tomato plants in containers in comparison to the other plants. No matter how

A beginners guide to starting a vegetable garden

vegetable garden

If you have a spare bit of lawn that is no longer needed or a space that could efficiently be utilised for a vegetable patch, why not plant some vegetables? It’ll save you a few quid at the supermarket throughout the next year, get you out in the fresh air and help little ones learn

5 tips for planting produce for the first time

growing produce

Many people treat gardening like a hobby, but it is more than that. Cultivating some vegetables for your dinner table or some flowers for your lawn has some health benefits. Regular gardeners are less likely to suffer from heart attacks since they have a way to relieve stress. Spring is the best time to start