5 tricks for your best garden ever


Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or not, there is nothing as fulfilling as having a garden of fresh vegetables and flowers. Essentially, knowing that your food and flowers coming from a clean garden brings a sense of great satisfaction. With that said, challenges associated with gardening exist. As such, to overcome these challenges, we have a list of five vital tricks that will enable you to have the best garden ever.

Refine your soil using composite manure

Plants flourish in well-amended and rich soils. According to most of the best gardening and tree services, the easiest and cost-effective way of refining and boosting the quality of your soil is by adding organic compost. Setting up a compost pile is quite easy. Instead of discarding kitchen scraps, you can setup a place right next your garden where you throw it.

Over time, the composite develops rich nutrients. Some of the benefits associated with composite include introducing bacteria that breaks down organics into important nutrients. It also keeps away some of the harmful pests and diseases. Furthermore, it helps in boosting water retention capacity of sandy soils.

Use mulch prepared from your backyard

Mulch provides a number of benefits that help in offering protection to your plants. In effect, this creates the much-needed vigor and brings high yields. Even though you can purchase pre-packed mulch, decomposing organic materials that include wood chips, straw and bean shells also come in handy. Mulch helps in controlling weeds, boosting moisture retention, deterring pests and encouraging the multiplication of earthworms.

Extent the growing seasons

One way to boost your yields in starting the growing early and extending it beyond. During very cold seasons, you can consider investing in some important tools. Some of the tools that help you to achieve this including frames, tunnels, and cloches. It is advisable to use row covers to protect the plants from cold weather. In addition, greenhouses also come in handy because they enable you to adjust temperatures while monitoring factors such as the air quality, sunlight and many others.

Raise your garden

Raising your garden tends to increase your yield up to five times. This is because it increases the level of fertility on the soil base. Another benefit associated with raising your bed is that it requires minimal upkeep. As such, this gives you the freedom to focus on other things.

Get cover crops

It does not matter whether you have a row garden or considering a raised bed, cover crops play a critical role in boosting yields for the next season. Cover crops are significantly beneficial because they help in building fertility and improving soil structure. Some of the excellent cover crops you should consider include beans, alfalfa, peas, and clover.

Since these cover crops are nitrogenous in nature, they help in converting and fixing nitrogen in the air into the soil. Thus, making it easy for other plants to use. The most effective way of planting cover crops is by using a mixture of grasses and clovers in your garden.