Can Asbestos Cause Cancer?


How are Asbestos and Cancer Linked? Asbestos is a term used to refer to a group of six naturally-occurring fibrous minerals that are composed of thin, microscopic fibres. Asbestos was typically used in commercial and residential construction, due to its low price as well as resistance to fire, heat, corrosion, and electricity. Even though asbestos

How does pregnancy change your mind and body?


Wondering what happens immediately after birth, when to expect your period to return and whether it will be different to pre-pregnancy isn’t uncommon. Although being pregnant is an experience like no other and it can bring a whole range of changes to your body. Many mums-to-be will have questions about these changes, trying to determine

Just how possible is it to grow an allergy-free garden?


As the days get lighter, longer, and warmer, many of us are crossing our fingers hoping for enough sunshine over the spring and summer to warrant spending hours and hours out in the garden. Relaxing outside on the grass with a cold bottle of beer, maybe with a BBQ sizzling away — a blissful afternoon

Pest control & your health: All you need to know


Thanks to growing urbanization, weird new neighbors aren’t the only thing you need to worry about. The presence of pests within both commercial and residential spaces is enough to make even the thickest skin crawl. To solve the problem you may be very quick to call out local pest controllers to take care of the

The benefits of having a pedicure chair

pedicure chair

Thinking about upgrading your spa equipment this year? Maybe to include more techy gear and new spa chair models into your salon to offer your customers more comfort as you work on them. As a business that is all about beautifying your clients, you want to work extra hard to have your customers looking dashing

Houseplants and their health benefits

With more people in the UK renting their homes and spending less money & energy on their gardens as a result, more and more people are doing their gardening indoors. This rise in indoor greenery is great news for your well being. Houseplants don’t just brighten the place up, they bring with them a whole

3 ways to inject zen and peace into your home


Your home should be your haven of peace, relaxation and general contentedness. If it isn’t, there are some things you can do to find more zen at home. We recommend you begin in the bedroom, since this is the place you will want to create the biggest sense of relaxation before going to sleep. Once

Why gardening is good for your health

Research shows that gardening is hugely beneficial not just for your physical health, but your mental health too! A new infographic from our friends at What Shed reveals many of the ways that gardening can improve your health and your mood. Did you know for example that regularly spending time in the garden could reduce

A practical guide for helping children with allergies


Watching your child struggle with allergies is nearly as awful for you as it is for your child because you know how miserable the suffering feels. Once your child’s allergies present themselves, you have to jump into action. Prevention is always better as your little one won’t have to deal with a stuffy nose, raw

5 steps to allergy-proof your home

Allergy-proof your home

Winter will be here soon – a season many people hate. Not because of the cold weather, but mostly because it is also deemed as the allergy season. You and/or your family may experience allergies like runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. While drugs like antihistamine can help you with your allergy, there are other