3 ways to inject zen and peace into your home


Your home should be your haven of peace, relaxation and general contentedness. If it isn’t, there are some things you can do to find more zen at home. We recommend you begin in the bedroom, since this is the place you will want to create the biggest sense of relaxation before going to sleep.

Once you’ve finished creating your den of calmness, you can move on to other areas like the kitchen and the living room where there may be some common stressors detracting from your true happiness at home. Some of this includes design-based encouragements for healthy eating, and others are tips that have helped others.

At the end of the day, it’s about identifying your stressors and applying either barriers against them or encouragements to not focus on them and instead focus on things that calm you down. Stress is a huge health issue in modern society, to combat it wherever possible.

Make your bedroom a sleep paradise

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it might be due to poor sleep hygiene. This doesn’t mean you’re dirty while you sleep, instead it means that the conditions you’re in whilst in bed are not conducive to a restful sleep.

To optimize your bedroom for sleeping, you’ll want to eliminate as much unnatural light as possible. This means turning off all devices at the door, or leaving them outside. Create a dedicated charging spot or tray outside of your bedroom so that you can slip into bed with a book rather than a screen.

The temperature should also not be too high. Many people can’t afford smart home systems that allow room-specific temperature control, but you could experiment with different bed cover options to find the perfect match for you. Alternatively, bigger windows could offer better ventilation and a better sleep.

For accurate information on window replacements you can read this article.

Turn healthy eating into your daily routine

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, but it’s not always easy to eat mostly fruit and vegetables (and drinking enough water) when you’re not in the habit of doing so. However, there are some home design solutions which can help you to trick yourself into eating more healthily.

The first of these is to buy a fruit bowl and to keep it well-stocked (apps to make shopping lists with recurring ingredients are very useful to remind you of what you need). This will have you reaching for a mandarine before a Kit-Kat. On a similar vein, keep a jug of flavoured water in your fridge door so you opt for that over fizzy drinks on hot days.

If you worry about getting enough fruit and veggies in you and your family’s diet, you might want to get into food prepping. For even the organisationally-challenged ones amongst us, taking one day per week to prepare a bunch of meals in advance doesn’t sound that complicated. Blend smoothies in advance and store them in flattened freezer bags for easy stacking.

Take stressors away and add calmers

As I said in the beginning, there are probably some things about your home that stress you out. Is it the floor that constantly needs hoovering? Invest in a robot hoover (like a Roomba, but cheaper) to do the job for you. Can’t get away from the noisy kids outdoors? Get a couple of triple glazed windows so you can read at your window in peace.

Many people find peace when they sit quietly with their pets, but get stressed out by the hair that gets… Everywhere! As a temporary solution, keep lint rollers handy all over the place. Keep your clothes and sofa clean with those, and make sure your dog gets a good brushing every week. In the long term… Think about getting a poodle?

Once you’ve identified what your stressors are, you’ll be better placed to remove or mitigate them. Keeping a journal is very useful for this, as you can identify what causes you stress and what helps to alleviate it.

Whatever your issue is, there are many different ways to combat stress inside your home. Whether that means removing stressors or adding relaxation triggers, it means something different for each of us.