How to make your home more valuable and sell faster


It’s quite natural that you wish your home fetches the best rates when you put it up for sale. However, you can’t expect miracles; you need to give people some reason to buy your home and give you the best offer possible. Here are eight tips to help make any homes for sale more valuable, and sell faster.

1. Brighten it up

Wall mirrors make a room look brighter and lighter, especially small rooms and hallways. Keep lamps in dark corners and the bathroom, and clean windows inside out. Replace all broken light bulbs to make your home look light, airy and attractive to buyers.

2. Highlight spotlights

As every house has a spotlight like a driveway, roof or French balcony, keep these places clean so that they attract people’s attention. Adding something attractive to these places like a plant draws attention there too.

3. Organised storage

Don’t just stuff your things into the closet when home buyers come as they will check these spaces to know their storage options. Instead, get a beautiful storage unit and store your things in an organised manner to add more value to your house.

4. Spruce up your garden

If your home has a patio or front lawn, trim the trees and mow the lawn to make it look neat and tidy. Flowers and something like a bicycle help create an aesthetic effect. Even a clean and pretty front porch adds value and aesthetic beauty to your home.

5. De-clutter only the unwanted

Get rid of unwanted things in your home so that people know how your property looks. However, leave some personality to give your house a homely feel. Its better if you have a professional photographer click some pictures of your home to share on the social media to improve your online visibility, and lure prospective home buyers.

6. Minor fixes

Make all necessary minor repairs like fixing holes in walls, cracked tiles, broken doorknobs and torn carpets. Getting rid of limescale and tile grout, eliminating odours and waxing wooden floors helps make everything look sparkling clean.

7. Kitchen update

Get rid of bulky kitchen appliances and de-clutter the surfaces. Reface the kitchen cabinetry as it’s cheaper than replacing it. Though upgrading kitchen countertops and plumbing fixtures are expensive, it’s worth it.

8. Fresh coat of paint

Your home looks brighter with a new layer of neutral colour and creates an excellent first impression. It also makes moving in more comfortable and convenient for buyers.